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Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by fraaaaaa, May 26, 2020.

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  1. fraaaaaa

    fraaaaaa New Member

    G'day All,

    Twin Turbo
    2 Seater

    Up for sale is my beloved & one of a kind 300zx. This is the 2nd Zed I have owned. After selling my first over 5 years ago, I missed it so much I had to buy another!

    This car is all about the driving experience! A very raw car to drive that makes all the sounds you want to hear. No modern car will come close to giving you a smile like this! Its a bundle of fun and I'll miss it dearly.

    Unfortunately it's time to do the adult thing now.
    We have a new edition to the family & sadly the fairlady is just too impractical and I will be purchasing a wagon!

    A well kept Zed is a serious rarity! Good examples are appreciating in price due to rarity. Especially the Twin Turbo, Targa, Manual, 2 seater - this one! It's sad to see that there are far too many Zeds out there that have been mistreated or neglected, unlike mine!

    I've owned this head turner coming up to 3 years and spent a ton of money on some tasteful performance mods and plenty of servicing/replacing of parts.

    Unlike most 300's this one runs! And runs well! I've even been using it as a daily for the last month or so as it's now my only car! It's been very reliable since I've spent all the coin on it & it has been extremely well taken care of and not flogged! Always run on BP 98 only.

    In my opinion, it's had all the good stuff done whilst keeping it classy!

    Mod list below (definitely missing things):

    • Greddy Style Custom Front Bumper flared quaters
    • Side Skirts
    • Spoiler lip
    • Single Slotted Nose panel
    • HID headlights
    • JSpec Taillights
    • Wiper Delete
    • Tint

    Suspension & Handling
    • Custom Coilovers
    • SPL Titanium Hicas Delete
    • Rays 57DR Gramlights. Square 10.5 12
    • Nankang NS2R Rears

    Performance Monitoring
    - Running approx 440HP on 16psi with plenty of potential for much more
    • Jasma Exhaust (Not obnoxiously loud)
    • Hi Flow Cat
    • Res Delete
    - Hi Flow Turbos
    - Intake Manifold
    • JWT ECU
    • Blitz Boost Contoller
    • Turbo Timer
    • Hard Pipes
    • AshSpec V3 Massive SMIC
    • AshSpec 2.5" Cooler Piping 7/18
    • Intake & JWT Pop Charger
    • Turbosmart Kompact BOVs
    • Oil Pressure, Boost & Water temp gauges
    • Walbro 485 pump
    • Slotted Rotors

    Plenty of standard maintenance has been done with receipts to prove. This has included
    • New OEM Fan Clutch & Blade Kit
    • New heater hoses
    • New Vac and boost hoses
    • New battery
    • Reconditioned steering rack
    • Water Pump
    • Timing Belt
    • Thermostat and seal
    • Too many others to list

    Given this classic is nearing 30 years, it does have a few minor paint swirls/chips, a few seat tears and marks but is in extremely good condition for what it is!

    From what I'm aware, I'm only the 2nd Aus owner. The previous owner imported it and owned for 20 odd years. In this time, the team at Absolute have always serviced it!

    Car will come with a few extras if sold for the right price
    • Dual Doolz
    • Spare JWT Pop Chargers
    • Flat Nose Panel
    • Dual Vented Nose Panel
    • Rough Cargo cover carpet

    Dont waste my time with low ball offers. I know these are very hard to come by in this condition! I'll only be selling to the right buyer at the right price otherwise I'll be hanging onto it. I'm not in a huge rush to sell!

    This thing is a serious head turner, so be prepared for a lot of comments, questions and serious street cred! I will ensure my Zed goes to a good home to someone who is going to continue on its legacy and take good care of it!

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  2. Liam1988

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    Is this still for sale
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  3. Jason ttz32

    Jason ttz32 Member

    What year is your zed?
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