1991 Manual TT Slicktop

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  1. PC100Z

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    1991 Z32 Manual 2+0 TT Slicktop
    118,000 Kms
    6 Months Registration
    Sydney, NSW
    Price : $7500
    Initial Contact Via PM.

    I have owned this car since 2007.
    It had a glass out respray with roof moldings / windscreen moldings / decals / infill panel etc newly replaced 2.5 years, approx 5000kms ago .
    The 100,000km full service was completed at that time also and new shocks and Tyres fitted ( KU36 Kumho all around ).
    The car is largely original apart from an aftermarket exhaust system, an S2 spoiler and a professionally retrimmed S2 steering wheel.
    Interior is original and in very tidy condition with "Fairlady" JDM mats.
    Aircond works nicely.

    Requiring attention is a leak from the power steering.

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  2. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    Ermagerd if I was single I'd just get a loan and buy this on the spot.
    It just seems so god damn juicy.
  3. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder

    Just sold my skyline yesterday for the same amount. But I don't think my wife would appreciate not having seats for the kids.good luck. That it's a terrific buy for someone.
  4. AAU54U

    AAU54U Member

    I so want to buy this car except I already have an identical looking one (but different wing and paint not as good). If I weren't already way over my head in credit card debt from my current Z I'd snap this up and have 2 red Z32s (would never sell my current one). I'm just so jealous of whoever ends up buying this.
  5. matt096

    matt096 New Member

    Sent you a PM
  6. PC100Z

    PC100Z Member

    Vehicle sold within 24hrs of listing for full asking price --- thankyou 300zx forum

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