1990 Manual 2 Seater TT

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    Targa top
    NA converted to TT with 150,000km
    Stock turbos and SMICs


    Last registered in 2013 when it was an NA. Cooked the engine on a 6 hour drive in Jan 2013. Bought a 2nd hand TT engine off this forum (see link below). Still needs a boost guage which I have ordered on eBay, IImay have a go installing it when it arrives if car is not sold by then or just include in the sale.

    Has brand new radiator, Tein adjustable height suspension, underdrive pulley, see other standard zed engine mods as per the engine advert, full custom black with blue stitching leather interior bought way back in a group buy on this forum installed by me, Tommy kaira rear spoiler. Could go on, but take a look at photos on eBay and you'll see for example the pioneer sound system and custom boxes and Momo steading wheel etc.

    Needs a battery, certification now it's a TT, no rwc provided, pick up required from Moranbah in Central Queensland. SMICs also need to be more securely mounted, currently held in place by the pipes and jockey straps.. The oil pressure gauge on the cluster is reading zero due to pressure sensor not being plugged in. Trying to work out where the plug for that is now (see post in zed tech related).

    Little bit that still needs doing so only asking $2500. Have had it listed on eBay, gumtree and Facebook for a while at $3k and getting lots of interest, but just noticed this forum is still alive and kicking so worth sharing here.

    Engine has 150000km on it according to seller. Odo has 115xxxkm for what it's worth.. all original body panels I know because the front bar is still glued on as they come new.

    I got oil cooler and radiator installed yesterday and have ran it up using my falcon battery. It starts, idles smoothly, revs responsively and drives fine, granted I have not yet been able to take it on the road. Waiting for enzed to fix a brake line for me so I can bleed the brake system and may take it for a quick drive up and down my street just to make sure it has no issues under load.

    Please text me if you have any questions as I work full time and it's the easiest way to respond to questions via texts. In discussion with a few interested parties who are coming to look or looking into transport options for this coming week but it is not sold yet. It will go to the first person who can make payment and collect it. No holding it for anyone unless a $250 deposit is paid (which I'll probably use to buy it a battery and add the difference to the price unless buyer objects)

    Selling as I am moving to Brisbane and only want to move with one car. Which sucks because I really love this car but it just doesn't make sense to hold onto it and not use it.

    Ph: 0450561244

    Engine add:

    eBay add for this car (including photos and more details):
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