VIC 1990 2+0 TT Man Slicktop

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    Hi Guys and Girls,

    I've had my car sitting around for a couple of years and was going to start to do a build on it but the missus is pushing to get money together for a deposit on a house so here I am...

    ***Photos aren't attaching, will try and sort out whats going on***

    Engine: twin turbo
    Transmission (MT/AT):manual
    Interior (Cloth/Leather):cloth with recaro passenger seat, bride copy drivers seat. Have a stock passenger seat too (cloth).
    Price: 6500

    At about 120,000 the following was done:

    -plenum pull and under plenum water bypass, plenum was also cleaned and painted in gunmetal grey
    -removal or all four rocker covers and replacing the gaskets
    -removed timing belt covers and inspecting the timing belt, tensioners and idler pulleys.
    -removed hard water lines on the front of the motor, cleaned and painted them gunmetal grey replaced thermostat and resealed both head pipes to housings
    -replaced drive belts and installed unorthodox lightened UDP, lightened OWP pulley and lightened power steering pulleys to the motor
    -removed turbos and inspected them (found out the had been rebuild 5,000km before i had bought the motor) and replaced all gaskets.
    -had my exhaust manifolds ported, honed and heat wrapped before refitting turbos.
    -replaced heater core hoses
    -replaced standard clutch and flywheel with lightened flywheel and exedy heavy duty clutch. Also replacing rear main seal, thrust and spigot bearing.
    -installed a set of autometer smoked face gauges which includes oil pressure, water temp, oil temp, air fuel, and boost.
    -installed a front mount intercooler.
    -replaced the gearbox oil with red line shock proof (so it must be a special racing gearbox, thanks icer lol).
    -installed a nismo RS585 machanical 1.5 way LSD diff centre, also replacing the diff oil with castrol LSX90.
    -replaced the centre bearing on the tail shaft
    -installed some BC coilovers fully adjustable hight and 32way dampener
    -got a custom daul 2.5 inch turbo back exhaust with split dumps, 2x high flow cats and 2x single 3" tips (not loud, cant really hear it on idle but sound really tough when it comes on boost.
    -installed a stillen short shifter and solid bronze shifter bushes
    car also has a set of stern racing rims 17" by 8.5" and 17" by 9.5" +37 offset.
    i also had a full stereo in the car, with an apline IDAx100 headunit 600watt amp 12"sub and 2x 6.5" alpine type x splits, but.... that got stolen and all thats left are the alpine type x front speakers.
    -xenon lights

    Did a comp test around that time and showed mid-high 150s across all.

    Items I got hanging about:
    new rear tyres - 2-3 years old but 99% tread (about 20km used)
    koyo racing radiator new - not installed
    blitz spec b boost controller new - not installed
    mishimoto racing thermostat new - not installed
    water pump new - not installed
    koyo rad cap
    magnetic sump plug
    rear main seal
    power steering hoses new - not installed
    center insert - that slot below the radio
    Got POS stock wheel, boss kit and mobo and a deepdish wheel.
    **Plenty of misc items like stock radiators, stock diff, etc**

    Ok so onto the bad:

    basically the car needs some love. Would be great for a project car for someone whos prepared to put some time into it.
    The body isn't straight and the paint is bad.
    The interior is tired.
    My mate cross threaded drivers door seat belt bolt trying to put it back on.
    Locks are dodgy and for some reason the remote control doesn't work any more - this was a result from the earlier break in.
    Water pump has slow leak.
    The spoiler is peeling off the body.
    Doesnt come with rego or rwc.

    I don't have a battery for it at the moment and there isn't a radiator at the moment so test drives and what not is obviously limited.
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    You gotta upload them elsewhere, like imgur, and then link them. :zlove:
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    Check instructions HERE re pics.

    Good luck with the sale
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    Price drop - $6000
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