QLD 1989 NISSAN 300ZX z32 2+0 hard top

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Keen4aZX, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. kingkenny21

    kingkenny21 effortless

    where abouts do you man?
  2. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    North Side, The Gap 4061
  3. discus177

    discus177 New Member

    Looks like you've got a TT rad, keen on selling shroud and mounts?
  4. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    Can have anything you want off it, if you can come get it. Make and offer and take it :D

    Also have Rear stock spoiler with 3rd light in good condition just needs to be cleaned up. Ill get a pic of it when i get a chance it will come with car ofcorse unless bought before hand :)
  5. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    $$$1700 Need it out of the driveway!! this is with the rear spoiler etc
  6. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    Will Throw in the Bomex kit (Front/Rear Bar and skirts) for an extra 200$ not in perfect condition but easily fixable will get pics up of the kit soon
  7. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    Body Kit Pictures

    Pictures of the kit i have not the best from phone..

  8. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    Price Drop

    Will take $1500 got a bloke who can do fairly cheap tows also if needed
  9. gmbrezzo

    gmbrezzo Moderator

    Very sad. R.I.P. old girl.
  10. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    ALright So...

    Price Drop** $1400

    Following parts are gone:

    -Both Rear Half Shafts
    -Power Steering Resovior
    -K&N Pod Filter + Air Flow Meter (Got another pod filter off my zx + Air Flow Meter but it has issues)

    Few other things may possibly be going this weekend...
  11. OZX_320

    OZX_320 Detachable Member

    mate, if you are hoping to get anything more than $1000 for it, you are going to have to make the decision to stop parting it out.
    Just being honest, but an extremely rough NA, that isn't running, with part of the NA diff assembly gone........ its value is plummeting every time a spanner touches it.

    As it stands, the only thing of value that you could possibly move fast is the manual conversion. Hope for your sake that you are getting decent $$$ for the parts going. Not trying to be mean or anything, but as it stands, you are soon going to be left with an almost complete car that you wont be able to get rid of.
  12. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

    The shell will sell once the majority of the parts are gone... And im only trying to get my money back from the car which isnt hard =]
  13. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>

  14. shortielah

    shortielah New Member

    Interested in the rest for a grand. Just gotta run it past the Financial Adviser.
  15. Keen4aZX

    Keen4aZX >.>


    Still have a few parts around.

    -H Pipe
    -Stock Spoiler with 3rd break light in white
    -Drivers Side Mirror
    -Left Fog Light (different from mine as it has a section for an indicator also)

    -I took the black spoiler of which i had on my car off and will be selling that also. Check one of my posts ive put pics of my car up before and you can see it there.


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