Wrecking Z32 300ZX aus delivered

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by savs, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. xalexisx

    xalexisx New Member

    do you still have the passenger side windscreen cowls?
  2. savs

    savs New Member

    no sorry i dont..
  3. Chilledpain

    Chilledpain Z Reaper

    Hi Savs,

    Any chance you still have the Targa tops?
    Thanks m8
  4. malzx

    malzx malzx

    and what kind of 'accident' was that :rolleyes:
  5. evilturbo300zx

    evilturbo300zx New Member

  6. new_noise

    new_noise Zip ties ftw

    Guessing the drivers side tail lights gone too then? If not ill take it off you.

    cheers, Jordan
  7. savs

    savs New Member

    yep sorry gone..
  8. Z32_TT

    Z32_TT New Member


    do you have a radiator
  9. stiive

    stiive Member

    Hi mate,
    you got the radiator support panel and lower tie bar?
    Also after drivers side fog lamp - but to make sure its same as my other should maybe take both if you got, im pretty sure they stock tho.
    Can you email me and maybe send pic and price stefan.skos@gmail.com
    If it comes to it ill even take a front half cut minus panels :p
  10. dwaynekate

    dwaynekate New Member

    Is the 5 speed still available?
  11. egghau

    egghau SHIFT_what again?

    Cruise Control

    Hi Daniel,

    I would like to put 'cruiZe' into my Z. Has yours the parts you would like to part with? ie: pedal box with pedals and switches, cruise computer, actuator and any other ancillary parts?

  12. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    minor part required ....

    any chance that you have the clear plastic cover which fits over the interior dome light ....

    .. mine has 'yellowed' with age .. looks yukko .....
  13. Kosmo

    Kosmo New Member

    Hi, would you have working A/C compressor Hitachi model #MJS170.
    If yes please text me price delivered to Brisbane on 0438 438258
  14. Zeppelin

    Zeppelin Member

    Do you have the plastic battery tray and 3-piece battery tied down?
  15. savs

    savs New Member

    Hi Henry

    Only part i dont have is pedal box but rest of cruise there.


  16. savs

    savs New Member

    sorry sold..
  17. savs

    savs New Member

    Hi Peter

    Yep I have it complete $30 + post for tray, spacer and the 3 peice battery clamp


  18. Hyper101

    Hyper101 Well-Known Member

    Im locking this, make a new thread with parts that are left
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