Wrecking Z32 300ZX aus delivered

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by savs, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. savs

    savs New Member

    Hi All

    Have a 1990 Aus delivered 4 seater Z32 5 speed which i am wercking


    Engine $400 not running or turning over damage extent unknown
    5 speed gearbox $500.00
    diff centre $300.00
    tail shaft $150.00
    AFM $200


    Calipers $200 pair
    discs $100 pair


    Headlights $150 each
    Bonnet grey $200
    guards $100 each grey
    front bar damaged lower section $50.00
    rear bar $100
    tail lights $50 each
    hatch $250 complete
    drivers door with glass $100 no locks
    centre panel between lights $50
    rear garnish has crack $40
    all indicators etc $30 each
    targa roof panels $60 each


    Drivers seat leather $150
    rear seat grey leather $100
    steering wheel $100
    centre console $60
    door trims $50 each
    cluster $100

    Wheels $250 set standard

    Open to offers

    Much more let me know if something needed not listed or want photos.

    I can send stuff interstate I am located in Snowy Mountains NSW


  2. Jack300zx

    Jack300zx PROformance

    interested in bonnet hey.
    mine is nicely destroyed by hail.
    it should fit yeah?
  3. r33k

    r33k 'I reek of Englishness'

    i'll take the climate control panel if it is the one where you can select the position of the flaps and its control unit. (big knob one)
  4. aazn

    aazn New Member

    im after the fascia.. (all clips and screws too)

    how much u chasing for that and also how much would postage be to melb 3171?
  5. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    I'm after the drivers door interior trim & steering wheel. If they are in great condition then I'll take it. If you can please send pics through via PM and we can go from there.


  6. Claymen

    Claymen Active Member

    NA PS Pump + Brackets

    Is what I am looking for.
  7. relect

    relect New Member

    Steering wheel

    Does the wheel have cruise control?
  8. KaRmAsUtRa

    KaRmAsUtRa New Member

    front bumper bar support ???

    would you have the front bumper bar support ?

  9. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Cluster for me!
  10. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    Drivers & passenger seats?

    I am interested in the drivers and front passenger seats if they are matching and in grey leather.

  11. polgar

    polgar New Member

    intrested in tail shaft. ill get back to you today about it.
  12. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    wait in line Christopher :bash:,p/m sent on that for Kathys zed last night lol :p:p:p
  13. doc1

    doc1 Member

    front dash vents

    I am after the front dash vents, ie the two long vents near the front screen, that is of course they are unbroken.
    cheers steve
  14. Peter Black

    Peter Black Active Member

    I am sort of interested in the rear bar but I think shipping might be too much for something that big.
  15. new_noise

    new_noise Zip ties ftw

    Nose panel

    pm sent.

    Cheers, Jordan
  16. danches

    danches New Member

    hey mate was wondering if the centre console is still available and if ur willing to ship to perth 6063? if so might take driver seat aswell.
    pm me

  17. deZed

    deZed Member

    Gauge surround

    I am after the speedo cluster surround.
    It is the black bit that sits in front of all the gauges. It has the cruise control warning lights in it.

    PM me with cost and freight to 2758
  18. savs

    savs New Member


    yeah i think it should fit
  19. savs

    savs New Member

    climate control

    yep its the manual one not like the imports..
  20. savs

    savs New Member


    $50 posted in good cond..
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