QLD wrecking 2 seat na manual z32

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by silver300zx, May 14, 2010.

  1. NissanKid~

    NissanKid~ Member

    Actually as you can see in that photo, the trim piece around the passenger side power window button must also have broken clips, it doesn't sit down, keeps comin up like in the photo lol... so you can add that too if you have it?
  2. petes1stzed

    petes1stzed New Member

    No it wasn't mine has them as well:)
  3. dangas70

    dangas70 New Member

    Do you have the climate control sensor fan assembly that is housed behind the cover that holds in the map lights, how much and can you freight to Vic. Thanks
  4. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    yeah mate mines the same
  5. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    i have it there but will have to test if its working , i just realised its a while since you posted this so pm me if you still want it
  6. dangas70

    dangas70 New Member

    I found another one, Thanks anyway.
  7. RoryZ

    RoryZ Member

    3rd Brake light? If so what condition is it in? Cheers
  8. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    nah no third brake light ,
    we need a sticky thread up the top saying that no one will ever get a windscreen cowl roof trim or third brake light second hand in good condition easily the most asked for things but unfortunately almost always in bad condition.

    i think i might get rid of this shell on the weekend so if any one wants something off it cheap get in quick or the whole shell even its a bit bent in the front though
  9. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    take the shell , doesnt have much on it and the front rails are bent $100 must go this weekend
  10. dazmelb

    dazmelb New Member

    Do you have the front right rack end and mounts?


  11. kingkenny21

    kingkenny21 effortless

    do you have window washer bottle?
  12. Z steve

    Z steve New Member

    Hi, do u still have drivers side window?
  13. Paul Sellick

    Paul Sellick New Member

    hi I'm chasing extractors to suit 1990 non turbo auto and rubber window seals that run along the full width at the top of the doors(just above door handle) and maybe drivers side rubbers for targa top and windscreen side of body to door seals( i have leaking problem at the join of the targa and windscreen when it rains(here in darwin thats only for 6months a year almost non stop!!) cheers from Paul

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