QLD wrecking 2 seat na manual z32

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by silver300zx, May 14, 2010.

  1. revhead

    revhead New Member

    how much for the high pressure power steering hose,
  2. Zilla32

    Zilla32 New Member

    manual gearbox still for sale? if so pm me please
  3. Bob Lloyd-Jones

    Bob Lloyd-Jones Oldreverbob

    Do you have front passenger side blinker parker light ass. Bob
  4. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    just get a new one made at a hose shop

    already gone

    im not sure ill check tomorrow
  5. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    sorry no blinker
  6. BlackZX

    BlackZX New Member

    Anything left from the T-Top?
  7. nva218

    nva218 New Member

    pm sent
  8. Dean Martin

    Dean Martin New Member

    Man - do you have a coolant reservior

  9. Slicktopzed

    Slicktopzed New Member

    hey mate I am after the little motor unit on the side of the fan box down near the heater core. Switch air from demister and vents.
  10. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    sorry i need that part for mine ,
  11. Dilligaf

    Dilligaf croutons

    Hey mate Im after front driver side quater panel and driver side headlamps cheers raph
  12. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    sorry no guard , i do have a headlight but the mounting tabs are broken on one side but they are still there , you could use it if you glued or plastic welded them up , $50
  13. GTP_VLBT1


    hey mate you still got the front guards in good condition???
  14. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    there already sold
  15. pacey

    pacey 300ZX 92 tt 2 Seater

    still got the rear shocks?
  16. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    i have a set but they are leaking
  17. TurboZ31

    TurboZ31 New Member

    Hi do you still have the rear brakes im only after the anti vibration springs from them
  18. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    i have rear brakes but im not separating anything from them .
  19. silver300zx

    silver300zx New Member

    every one buy some parts , my zed is eating all my money
  20. NissanKid~

    NissanKid~ Member

    Only small but how much would you charge for this bit around driver's side aircon vent if it's clips arn't broken, it's not faded or cracked, and u have it:


    Mine has broken clips and keeps falling out :mad: Postage would be to 4810 (townsville)

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