QLD Parting out 90ZTT

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Martin, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Martin

    Martin New Member

    steering rack is good, no leaks etc. yours for $100 :) pm me if interested
  2. Martin

    Martin New Member

    yep :) they are GFB hybrids i beleive. they *may* be sold with the engine, i'll havfe to discuss it with the buyer. PM me if interested anyway
  3. Nauraushaun

    Nauraushaun New Member

    Hey, I need a rear window blind. I'm not sure about yours, as I need one for my 2+2, and i yours is a 2+0. I'm not sure if they're the same size or not. Do you know?
    I also need the little left-hand screw cover thing from the long vent thing, in this picture:
  4. outazway

    outazway New Member

    I am after the AC Compressor and also the CAS.
    Can you advise if you have these and how much?
    Can you please emalim me at the below address as do not have access to the forum at work.
  5. ZED_32_TT

    ZED_32_TT New Member

    Your inbox is full, ive just talked to zx1990 im interested in some parts, the koyo being one...
  6. Martin

    Martin New Member

    sorry! :eek: pm's cleared :)
  7. Martin

    Martin New Member

    cas sold with engine, and all ac system sold aswell:)
  8. Martin

    Martin New Member


    Bits that are SOLD:

    Wiper Cowls
    Short Shifter
    Kaminari bits
    leather gear and hand brake boots
    entire Ac system
    Leather interior Trim
    dash pod backing
    Steering Rack
    center rear light
    steering column trim
    rad bracket
    air guide
    front brakes

    -full stainless turbo back exhaust
    -Entire boot trim due to non response from interested party
    -Gearbox and all associated manual conversion bits
    -Carbon fibre driveshaft
    -Rear Subframe
    -Brazilian hatch including third brake light
    -Bilstein/pedders suspension
    -Near new door/window/targa trims
    .....AND LOTS MORE!! Garage is starting to fill up with random parts, if you need anything dont hesitate to PM me!
  9. BiGZ

    BiGZ Iridescent Member

    How near new are the window/targa trims
  10. Martin

    Martin New Member

    Around 1 year old, they are literally as new, the cleanest targa/window trims i have ever seen on a zed:zlove:
  11. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Is the rear subframe straight? Interested if it is perfectly straight...
  12. Martin

    Martin New Member

    pm sent
  13. 300ZXC


    Are there any pics of the rear hatch trims Martin?
    What sort of prices are we looking at for the whole set?
    Feel free to PM me again if you like :)
  14. SDH300

    SDH300 New Member

    Hey mate, How much for the passenger door?

    Is it the the J-Spec style with the american style seatbelts on the door?
  15. attila.Z

    attila.Z Awesome member

    hey Mate.
    im after a restrictor in the oil lines.

    Its located next to the oil cooler attachments in front inside one of those oil hoses. Not sure which one, if anyone can clear that up id be thankful.

    Also not sure what it looks like. Id guess just a little metal thing in the hose, maybe like a big boost jet looking thing.

    If you can find it and cut the segment of hose off for me itd be sweet. Give it some room on each side so i can just splice the hose section in with some fitments.
  16. Martin

    Martin New Member

    Engine is gone, along with this
  17. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member


    FMIC and piping - I'm guessing it went with the engine, but just asking in hope, as I'm desperately looking for one and my Z is just gathering dust and taking up room at rollin's place.
  18. Altered State

    Altered State Z Tragic

    i need the rubber that is at the rear of the bonnet attached to the bottom of the air intakes - it stops the engine air being sucked into the air con can u help? Thanks Dave bytw nice looking car prior to idiot
  19. Martin

    Martin New Member

    yep went with the engine :)
  20. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Dagnabbit! Also interested in condition of rear subframe and cost.
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