QLD Parting out 90ZTT

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Martin, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    How much for the whole car, as is


  2. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    lol, Martin ... you have got the bug ...!!!!!
  3. Martin

    Martin New Member

    you won't like what i'm chasing, i already have people with dibs on over $7000 worth of parts off it...

    but for arguments sake, i would sell it as is for $7500 (around the cost of engine, gearbox and drive shaft alone)
  4. akeizm

    akeizm New Member

    I dont know that to say! So much effort gone :( I want to punch the person who didn't give way....I'm so sad now.
  5. Mclovin

    Mclovin Well-Known Member

    No, I need my tension rod bushings.
  6. Cam

    Cam ****

    Won't be getting it with my shifter either. I dibbed that before it was written off.

    Does the shift know screw on, or is it another oe of those dodgy grub screw types? I might just use the extra knob out of my patrol haha.
  7. akeizm

    akeizm New Member

    It was a screw on Sticky, I hated those grub screw types.
  8. Cam

    Cam ****

    Yeah me too.
  9. Martin

    Martin New Member

    Car is HERE!

    its official guys, i will be getting the car back tomorrow (29/04/2010)! Pm's have been sent to major part players, dont feel left out if i havent pm'ed you yet, i have SOOO many to send its unbelievable lol.

    Parts will start to be stripped this weekend, get in quick with payments and your parts will be stripped first :D
  10. DinoZ

    DinoZ Talks sh#t for a living.

    Don't break the windscreen. I've already done that once!
  11. Martin

    Martin New Member

    Package options!

    Ok i'd rather get rid of lump sumps of this car rather than screwing around, so if you want more bits you can save money ;)

    Complete Manual Conversion excluding flywheel (gearbox in EXCELLENT condition, near near exedy sports tuff clutch, all braided lines, clutch cylinders, pedals, etc): $1900 (only $100 extra than bare gearbox and clutch!)

    Complete Engine, Gearbox and all associated manual conversion gear: $5500 (Save $500+ dollars!)

    Complete Drivetrain including complete engine, complete manual conversion, carbon firbre driveshaft and rear subframe, $6250 (save $1500+ dollars!)


    MADNESS!!! :p
  12. exquisit

    exquisit New Member

    hi there

    have you got a brake master cylinder for sale

  13. Martin

    Martin New Member

    Stripping and selling has begun!

    Officially sold:
    Wiper cowls
    Kaminari sides and rear
    Short Shifter
    Nisture ECU

    Strong EOI/dibs on the following
    Interior leather trims
    Entire boot trims

    Remember guys, first in best dressed, whoever gets payment in first gets the parts. don't be afraid to send me an offer for ANYTHING!
  14. revverjo

    revverjo Senior member

    Martin, what brand A/C compressor is fitted to the car
  15. Martin

    Martin New Member

    ummmm... the normal one for a 1990 zed :confused:
  16. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Nismos are mine if you end up not selling complete motor ;)
  17. revverjo

    revverjo Senior member

    American cars seem to have Diesel Kiki. My repair manual says Zexel but the car is fitted with Hitachi ????
  18. mr0300

    mr0300 MR0300

    Kiki Zexel Hitachi lol throw in a Ichi Ni San Shi and ill give ya a black belt '1st dan'
  19. revverjo

    revverjo Senior member

    Martin, if the car is stripped sufficiently to see the A/C compressor, the Diesel Kiki has both the inlet and outlet hoses fitted at the very back end of the compressor (actually in the back cover)
  20. BiGZ

    BiGZ Iridescent Member

    Shotgun the ac compressor if it was a hitachi!
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