NSW Damaged 91 300zx NA 2 seater,Manual, Silver, Buy Whole or Parting Out

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by R1ch1e_11, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    For Sale is a damaged 300zx
    Price = $4000
    If the 300 doesnt sell i will be parting it out completely.

    Damage -

    Basically nothing left of the front. "Check Pics"
    The enigne was not touched when accident happened still is perfect! The radiator has been bent very slightly but not moved.
    No Front lights, front bar, air conditioning unit etc.
    Drivers side control arm has been bent back a touch.

    Wheels do not come with the car!
    Body is great other then front end.
    Body, transmission, diff, interior all in great condition with 110,000 k's.
    Engine and components 62,000 k's.
    Has Bomex side skirts and rear bar.
    Veilside Bonnet, has 1 chip and latch needs redoing.
    Full 3inch twin exhaust system with lukey cats and resinators(hotdogs) sounds very nice!
    Hatch has just been welded and sprayed, use to have stock spoiler.
    New Shock Absorbers all round 4000 k's old.
    New rear brake rotors, slotted. 4000 k's old.
    Also have a new clutch kit (OEM) uninstalled if buyer would like it at extra cost.
    Custom red vinyl interior, Electric drivers side seat.
    Car will sell without stereo.
    Has series 2 PTU (Power Transistor Unit).

    If I have forgotten anything or you have any questions feel free to call 0421795171 or email shizznizz69@hotmail.com

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  2. KEZA

    KEZA Zed Fiend

    Hi Richie

    If you do part it out, I'll take the seats please.


  3. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    seconded.. if u end up parting it i will take the bonnet off ur hands :p maybe the sides as well
  4. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    I am parting the 300zx out now :) pm's sent
  5. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    Rims are for sale, and still have basically all parts up for grabs, rims are 19' Lenso GT.

    ZXXXII New Member

    hey mate how much for the rear bar sent to ross creek in vic post code 3351 thanx mate
  7. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    Pm sent.
    Most parts still available guys!
    Make an offer
  8. TTZX

    TTZX Member

    shotgun power steering pump...
    wheel bearings?
    and maybe something else cant remember now...
  9. akeizm

    akeizm New Member

    Hey mate, what are the aircon and light pods like (are the screw mounts broken out, paint missing etc)?
  10. matthew300zx

    matthew300zx New Member

    Hey man, did you do the interior yourself?
    if not how much did it cost to get done.
    i want to do exactly what you've done. :D

    EDIT: if i can buy the pieces off you, that'll be awesome.
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  11. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    hey bud,
    me and a mate did it, cost next to nothing just requires patience and a little bit of skill lol
    head down to spotlight and get sum marine vinyl 12-20 bucks a meter
    rip off the old trim
    get some contact addhesive and it helps to have a heat gun for stretching the vinyl around the corners.
    Do that and ull be laughing bud
  12. matthew300zx

    matthew300zx New Member

    Legend, thanks alot, everytime i ask someone they look at me dumfounded, i'd just be worried about pulling everything apart, i'm the type of person that if something doesn't come apart i use as much force to make it do so.

    now all i need to do is fix my exhaust, it's too loud and i've been hit for it twice now.

    goodluck with the sale man
  13. akeizm

    akeizm New Member

    Couldn't answer my question?
  14. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    sorry bud, u talkin bout the interior pods right?
  15. richard_636

    richard_636 1993 300ZX N/A

    Hey, how much do you want for the cat back exhast and were abouts in nsw are you?
  16. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    hey bud $450 for the full exhaust with o2 sensors, mounts etc
    im in Tuncurry NSW 2428
  17. akeizm

    akeizm New Member

    Jah Mon.
  18. Cam

    Cam ****

    Gearbox? :D
  19. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    lol they in good condition no paint chips etc and have done the led conversion to pods with super bright blue leds looks great will try find a picture i took, the aircon pod has 1 screw mount that is broken
  20. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    gearbox is still available at $350 plus postage/freight, heavy item will be probably better to pick up??

    Taillights have now been sold lol still S*** Loads of good parts available!!

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