NSW Damaged 91 300zx NA 2 seater,Manual, Silver, Buy Whole or Parting Out

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  1. matthew300zx

    matthew300zx New Member

    if you could post the picture of the pods i'd be interested also if akeizm pulls out.
  2. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member

    Interested in these parts

    Interested in Diff depending on price (cant see it being spoken for in this thread as of yet?)

    If the price is right, I might be able to come down and help pull it out and give you a hand for a couple days, need an excuse to drive from Brisbane to Sydney to visit friends, Its on the way :D


    All the parts need to do a manual conversion, if gear box is sold already I can live with that, the list is basically (from Z1's kit - please feel free to mention anything I have missed :D)

    Clutch Master Cylinder
    Slave Cylinder
    metal hardlines
    Clutch (maybe not sure that NA's are suitable for a TT)
    Drive Shaft (maybe, I have a 2+2, if yours is a 2 seater just get mine rebuit as a one piece)
    Clutch Pedal
    Brake Pedal
    Shifter Assembly with Bolt, Nut, and Sleeve
    Shifter Bushings
    Shifter Fork
    Two Rubber Shift Boots
    Shifter Brace
    Leather Shift Boot
    Used Shift Boot retainer
    Shift Knob
    Flyweel (are these interchangable between a NA and a TT)
    10 Transmission Bell Housing Bolts
    8 5spd Flywheel Bolts
    9 Pressure Plate Bolts with Washers
    2 5spd Transmission to Engine Plates
    5spd Alt to Trannsmission harness

  3. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    hey mate im not 100% sure but i remember looking at doing a NA to TT conversion and reading a list of interchangable parts, if you have a TT i believe the diff and transmission are not interchangeable, im not 100% sure like i said so hopefully some1 on here can tell us or it may be in the tech section
  4. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member


    Diff is definately interchangable, NA and TT box 99.9% similar so definately interchangable, Im mainly after all the supporting stuff for auto to manual conversion I cant see any reason why it would be different as it doesnt make sense for nissan to do it that way, can someone confirm?

    I want a single drive shaft, so yours is a different size so no biggie if i skip on it, think the clutch in NA's is not up to a TT engine not to mention a new cluth would be advisable anyway so If skipped those no biggie...

    To the best of my knowledge there arent too many issues, can you put a price on these bits?


  5. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    ok bud well for the diff and supporting parts for a auto to manual conversion hows 700 sound if you help rip it off when you come down :p.... so thats including diff, clutch cylinder, pedals, mounts, bolts etc??
  6. akeizm

    akeizm New Member

    I'm really interested in these pods now. As I wanted a 2nd set to do a conversion on then install. I'm very interested, how much are you looking @ for them? My current ones have broken mounts and paint missing off the auto button on the aircon pod. So I want some with no paint missing.
  7. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member


    All the Manual associated gear (except shaft, box and clutch) + Diff.

    Let me know your time frame so I can get organised.

  8. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    no worries bud im available anytime and can get to work getting the parts ready tomoz but will need a hand with the bigger components when will you be down here?
  9. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member


    check your pm mate.. cheers

  10. Tosh Tosh

    Tosh Tosh living in NA denial.....

    Im interested in the steering rack and hard lines mate, let me know.

  11. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    pm's sent
  12. SPOOLE300ZX

    SPOOLE300ZX New Member

    let me know how much you want for the passanger side mirror before i pay you for the other stuff mate. ill pay you all at once if you will sell it to me.
  13. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    pm sent to spool
  14. stiive

    stiive Member

    how much you want for the electric fan if the mounting points and plastic is all still okay?
  15. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    pm sent to stiive
  16. SPOOLE300ZX

    SPOOLE300ZX New Member

    guys, i got some parts from R1ch1e and can i just say he is an awesome seller. id never got parts from him before. the parts came so quickly and very well packed. im very happy. if you havnt bought from him before, you have nothing to worry about. A TOP SELLER!!!!! very honest :) its good to see.
  17. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    thanks heaps for the feedback spoole!!! really appreciate it!! hope to do business with you gain in the future :)
  18. stiive

    stiive Member

    hey r1ch1e you got my money yet? i need the fan asap
  19. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    yeh mate item was posted today
  20. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    PM sent Monday 20th re Drivers Side Mirror. Please respond.:zlove::zlove:

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