300zx gtr r35 holinger syvecs

Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by badxtc, Apr 14, 2017.

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    Guess he's saying can get away with narrower drag radials? Positive camber can maximise traction when the car squats. It'll bring it to near 0 when the rear end lowers on launch.
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    The 275 et street tyre on the 15x8 rim allows the tyre to bag off the line the positive camber brings the tyre flat under irs squat

    To quote the below link:
    20mm of each side were widened. This was to house the positive camber on the rear wheels, a technique used by many drag race shops.
  3. badxtc

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    i run zero camber , and i run 315 et on the car
  4. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    43612948_10157878188761040_8419634186616307712_n.jpg 43696248_10157878188606040_5215714387687374848_n.jpg 43763818_10157878188646040_2218716767230885888_n.jpg 44132169_10157854454906040_3472622470614220800_n.jpg 44787605_10157878188381040_1646783498867965952_n.jpg 44789015_10157878188236040_1984786137889112064_n.jpg 44795384_10157878188801040_4088682542213890048_n.jpg 44805152_10157878188281040_8659664850634407936_n.jpg 45015588_10157887346076040_242559033955844096_n.jpg 45071980_10157887346021040_870192951496540160_n.jpg 43612948_10157878188761040_8419634186616307712_n.jpg 43696248_10157878188606040_5215714387687374848_n.jpg 43763818_10157878188646040_2218716767230885888_n.jpg 44132169_10157854454906040_3472622470614220800_n.jpg 44787605_10157878188381040_1646783498867965952_n.jpg 44789015_10157878188236040_1984786137889112064_n.jpg 44795384_10157878188801040_4088682542213890048_n.jpg
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    so i put a hoist on the garage at home , is the best thing ive ever done , mad pulling the grearbox out so easy and back in ,
  6. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    also another little thing was i put a spal fan in as my mishimoto fan blew up on the the weekend on the way to the gor, so we had to turn back , we were about 1.5? hours away with no fan on the way home and the car performed flawlessly no over heating at all, tempo stayed on 77 78 all the way home
    so now the spal is connected to the ecu and turns on at 88 down to 78 then off no more direct 12 volt job lol yay for that
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  7. Boll!

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    I put a Tufflift hoist in about 18 months back. Seriously one of the best things i have spent money on.
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  8. Shane001

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    I so need a hoist :(

    Man your garage looks so tidy :)
  9. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    ooowwww 100000000% i should have done this years ago , but at the time they were worth way to much for me , but for 4k im happy as , best thing i have done hands down , i still need to do my gtr diff conversion (NA) , im actually looking forward to it , best thing iv done , i think everyone that can put one in do so
    ive had all my car bar 2 on the hoist a washed underneath them gave them all a good clean ,
  10. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    get one man ,, best thing
    actually going to renovate the garage going back an extra 2.5 meters by 5 i want to use all the room up ( hopefully soon )
  11. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    so i got my ohlins dfv's , im so happy with them , time to set them up .

    ive been waiting for these for a long time to pop up and they finally did , i seen them advertised at at 830 am , by 9 am they were paid for and sold to me 2 days latter there on the car ready to go , 2k i picked them up for they come of a gtr r32 the the standard top plate needed a bit of filling back but all is good , fit like a glove .
    i went for a little drive on them nothing funny to report no noises , knocks or anything , drive like new , this is a win win for me as ive been looking for these for a long time OHLINS DFV

    take nothing away from the tein HA tho i love them they are great , on the road and on the track ( im no professional in suspension tho ) i much prefer the HA over the super streets , 46520408_10157970720756040_7833262767212593152_n.jpg 46637878_10157970720676040_4436691875214131200_n.jpg 46637878_10157970720676040_4436691875214131200_n.jpg 46815676_10157970721171040_605117890793832448_n.jpg 46831194_10157970721326040_7437339204259938304_n.jpg 46893019_10157970720816040_1024981283626811392_n.jpg 46899416_10157970721251040_8456039708101705728_n.jpg 46939605_10157970720861040_4180498695210401792_n.jpg 46953544_10157970720971040_1136139018681974784_n.jpg 47038474_10157970720916040_1584586088884731904_n.jpg 47073700_10157970721116040_1096474583386554368_n.jpg
  12. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    made some canards fit , i think they look nice . come up good , they are top stage real carbon fiber , just needed to mod them to fit my bar i got them cheap from facebook market place ,

    48379033_10158033662986040_5956294975766396928_n.jpg 48385004_10158033662871040_5679756600106024960_n.jpg 48392291_10158033662331040_8625635030179250176_n.jpg 48414934_10158033663036040_5087824946105679872_n.jpg 48423992_10158033662431040_1381752302666252288_n.jpg 48923840_10158033662571040_7765656567474552832_n.jpg
  13. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    i went to calder last friday night , i had a good night tbh , the car went good , on my first pass my run was a 10.1 @ 140 the second pass i busted the driver side stub axle , was fixed the next day as i have some here as the night went on some of my supra mates were running much fast, it was a great night for racing , i just could not run anymore in order to get my 9, fingers crossed for the next time out , i hope she holds together , i have some new plans for the diff now as i need something that will hold 1500 whp , , so im not going to build the engine till i have the platform is 80 to 100 % done the car will go 9ns 10000000000%

    ( this is not a drag car it not set up for drag racing , no air assist in the box its manual shifting as well )

    had my nephew clean the box , he was loving it

    i put some heat wrap on the dumps , this is temporary, as i will get the complete exhaust coated in proper stuff

    50773278_10158146644351040_8062262924422414336_n.jpg 50815263_10158152063766040_157185705565487104_n.jpg 51149932_10158165976576040_8112560981483192320_n.jpg 51185563_10158165936151040_8601205492422803456_n.jpg 51257323_10158157900291040_8462654065111728128_n (1).jpg 51403749_10158165936426040_5007405072217276416_n.jpg 51457129_10158165936281040_6028972329290170368_n.jpg 51650052_10158168739706040_7134198857730097152_n.jpg 51942511_10158168739791040_7987566064391159808_n.jpg
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  14. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Nice mate, good job
  15. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    thank you sir ,, i just cant seem to get enough seat time , every time i go out there is way to many people racing so only getting 2 passes in per time , gggrrr , calder is just to busy , anyway ill try next time again
  16. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    That’s awesome mate, well done!!
    So close to the 9s
    Are you still running the Z32 diff?

    I know what you mean about Calder being so busy, Heathcote is good for getting more runs in but track probably isn’t as good.
  17. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    hi mate , yeah it becomes a waiting game , but all good
    yes still running the z32 tt f have a gtr r32 diff sitting here but i think im going to sell it on as it wont hold my end power level
  18. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    hi guys , nothing really happening thus far with the zed , just a small update, so i went to calder ans ran the car seems like i have a fuel issue the hose came of the fuel pressure regulator and stalled the car straight of the launch control , was and upsetting night but all sorted now , i found the hose the next day at home , i was pissed to say the least , i sent the car to the tuners and got it back and is idling fine now , also put the car on the dyno and the engine is fine , yay , going back on the 15/3 to have another crack at it , the engine is not at full noise its really turned down heaps low boost at 16 psi and not even running the engine hard at all in any way to keep it safe for the big build , it will run well over 700 800 at the wheels all day , if we turn it up , but i have no interest in that right now , but i do have an interest in trying to run in the 9ns as is, thats the key at the moment, we know the car will do it 100% but just having issues with shit atm , i still have no shift light set up its in just not working , got to set it up one day ,

    so im building the NA set up now with the gtr r32 diff , now the diff itsell will not take the power of the new engine , so it seems i have no choice but to go with the winters quick change diff, this diff will take heaps of torque , people in the states are pushing 1500 hp plus thru these things and seem to be holding up fine , they are amazing , the biggest PRO is they are cheap as pluck to fix if you bust them up and can do it at home they are a very simple system , thats a pro for me , as i like to do what i can my self , the gtr diff simply wont take 1500 1600 hp and thats all there is to it, but the winters will 100% , ( proven all day )

    so the rear cradle is almost finished it seem the spl front shushes dont sit flush with the cradle , i dont like this so in going to plate it up then do the diff/cradle alignment after that , this set up will house the new winters diff in time to come , so that takes me to the tail shaft ill be using all mark williams gear and a 3.5 inch shaft or 4 inch shaft , im thinking i should stick with molly and be done with it , but im also looking at alloy as well , ill get some opinions and see how we go , there was also an idea to get made up in carbine fiber , but see how we go with that , i think i well built think alloy one may do the trick ,

    i also have 18x12 inch wheel here to help set up for the 345 ET's i want on the back , the wheels need some work but ill sort them out , more to come but thats it for now
    52331958_10158221178406040_6264508434587058176_n.jpg 52875349_10158221178361040_4668085768021868544_n.jpg 52999929_10158240252201040_1302764388054204416_n.jpg 53063697_10158240252271040_7440372030991499264_n.jpg 53264593_10158240257251040_4671678778747912192_n.jpg 53354597_10158240252301040_5743415823683289088_n.jpg download (1).jpg
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  19. badxtc

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    So i went to calder park on the 15/3/19. i ran a 10.5 at 136mph and got kicked out for to fast with no cage or chute. So it seems my calder days are behind me now and heathcote is my only outlet. The best it went was 10.1 at 141 mph. 2 weeks ago. It was a good pass but not a great pass, so i could not walk away with that and leave it there as i knew that there was more in the car. . Its a 9 sec car but cant seem to get it because i just cant get one clean pass in due to issues ( FML).

    The diff axels are gone as well so ill leave it at that till i can get the r200 gtr set up in . I will be replacing the gtr r200 diff for a quick change diff as soon as i can also with billet axles. The new set up wont effect 1/4 mille times if i run the tt ratio. .
    My TT ass end equipments life is coming to an end. Full well knowing it was not going to last forever .
    I will leave the power on the car the way it is at 481 kw at 16 psi. The goal is to get the 9.99 with that.
    I really wanted to get that damm 9 the way it is now. Seems like this will not happen at calder . All in all its a plucking fast car. Love it.
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  20. Boll!

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    It’s a PITA that those are the rules for an ANDRA track.

    But you’ll get their!
    I know myself, every time I go out I better my previous times slightly, just due to the fact of practice and getting to know the car more.

    Was that 10.1 at Calder or Heathcote?

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