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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Boll!, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    Hi All.
    What is a good suspension bush kit?
    I do already have the following so won’t need
    Front control arm
    Front tension rod
    Rear sway bar “inner” bushes
    All the above are hyperflex
    And will be using SPL diff bushes

    This is for the drag car so road noise or rougher riding is not too much of an issue

    Thanks for any input

  2. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    I've put nismo bushes in my cars front end, there quite hard compared to the stock bushes, should be good for your purposes.
  3. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    I have checked out the Nismo bushes, but they don’t seem to make a kit as far as I can find.

    I’m chasing a kit that would cover a majority of the bushes
  4. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    Your probably only option for a 'full kit' will be Energy Suspension from the US, but that will probably include most of what you no longer need. For your option you would be better to look at what specific bushes you need and what options are available for what bushes. For example you might want to go solid for rear subframe for a drag car.
  5. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    I think in your position you'd be better off looking at what you do need and going from there. If you're using adjustable arms etc then the bushes that you end up using are much fewer than what you get in a kit. That was my approach -I have adjustable just about everything and then nismo bushes for the hubs and diff, and SPL solids in the sub frame. You're correct in saying that Nismo don't do a kit.

    Sway bars I'm just using the whiteline bushes that came with them and some energy suspension bushes for the steering rack.
  6. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys.
    At this stage the right lay adjustable component I plan on having is rear upper control arms.
    Everything else will be stock.

    Most probably be leaning towards solid sub frame bushes also

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