Nems NA to TT conversion, with an added suprise ;)

Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by SRB-2NV, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. SRB-2NV


    After buying a million parts, changing my mind a million times, going from having lots of time and no money to lots of money and no time i am finally going ahead with my TT Swap :)

    This is the TT engine in question, pulled this out of a wreck i bought a few months back and compression tested between 148-156 on all 6 so decided to keep for myself

    Few bits taken off


    My shade from both rain and shine :)


    Almost there

    This engine has 150,000km which is way less than my DE so when all the seals/gaskets/timing belt/major service crap is done then it should go fairly well.

    Parts already on the car:
    2.5" UAS Catback exhaust
    Highflow Cats
    2.5" Front Pipes
    APEXi Pod FIlter
    F1 Stage 3 Clutch
    Twin Turbo Fuel Pump

    Parts going on with the DETT:
    KLS Front Mount Intercooler
    Blown turbos being swapped out for OEM Manual Turbos
    Innovate Wideband o2 Sensor
    Avejas Knocklite
    APEXi Super Airflow Converter
    APEXi Super Ignition timing Converter
    Stock injectors for now till my ECU arrives.

    I have a set of Top Feed Fuel Rails that will go on when i decide what ECU to buy. The car will be run on E85 and will have Pre Turbo Water Injection to allow the turbos to run efficiently on higher than normal boost levels(22-24PSI).


    After i see what the zed can do at the drags with the parts i have listed, i will be building a compound turbo setup for it. What this basically means is the standard turbos will be mounted as they are, the exhaust pipes will merge into a single at the rear with a T4 flange, this is where my GT4508R will be mounted. The 45R will suck in air, send it to the front to the stock turbo intakes and from there it will be using stock routing.

    The main advantage of this setup is little to no lag and the power that a large turbo would produce. Rear mount turbo lag is a MYTH and in a compound arrangement MEANS NOTHING! If the stock turbos are at 1 bar of boost(2:1PR) the big turbo will see 6L of exhaust flow and will spool up like it would rearmounted on a 6L engine. This is also a way to achieve mega high boost pressures but i won't be pushing it too hard. I have spoken to many individuals who have run this setup including Kevin Jewer who owns a compound turbo DSM in 8's and 155MPH+.

    At the end of the day this car won't look as good as most of the zeds on here however my goal is for it to trap 130+MPH, 130 is the goal, anything over that is a plus :)

    Exterior wise i am planning to throw on some R33 GTR rims, a TwinZ bolton diffuser, keep my Veilside C2 Spoiler and Wrap the car in EBC liquid wrap(gloss black).

    Few engine parts i haven't decided on are the ECU which i am leaning towards an AEM FIC-8 or an Adaptronic and whether or not to spend a bit extra on the Wet Nitrous Kit.
  2. Z32 TT

    Z32 TT Active Member

    Two most important mods.... What tyres and tranny? 130 should be easy
  3. SRB-2NV


    Stock 5spd, Mickey Thompson ET Streets :)
  4. Jordz

    Jordz Fashionably Late

    Nice to see out of the box thinking! Ill be watching this!
  5. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    it's actually happening!
  6. kawasakirider

    kawasakirider New Member

    Should be sweet, Nem.

    What power are you thinking you'll need to push to trap 130?
  7. SRB-2NV


    In a slicktop 400-410rwkw should do it, but we'll see.
  8. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Compound inspiration


    Sounds like a promising development. Hopefully youll finish this one this time lol .
  9. Z32 TT

    Z32 TT Active Member

    any updates. also with the ECU you should look at MS pro its AWESOME
  10. SRB-2NV


    Got a link? No major updates yet, but the NA donk is almost out.

    I'll finish this one, got most of the parts laying around :)

    REAL compound inspiration ;)
  11. Z32 TT

    Z32 TT Active Member



    $1200 US its AWESOME its a full EFI nerd system though. not as nerdy as your normal megasquirt. this is the megasquirt "commercial" unit.

    I will go to this if I ever get cams and suffer from the timing whip and need crank sensor.
  12. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Run ms3 with ms3x. For $650 it will do everything you want.

    Very well developed with plenty of aftercare.
  13. SRZ 032

    SRZ 032 New Member

    Keen to see how well you matched (small vs large) turbos.

    Also how well the stock IWG will hold out...

    Good luck.
  14. SRB-2NV


    Both turbos have been matched well to each other as they are still efficient at lower pressure ratios, this has been confirmed by the guys I've spoken to who run compound turbo cars. Who said anything about internal waste gates? ;-)
  15. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    so its a TT+T conversion. cool!

    im not clear on where the 3rd turbo lives in the engine bay though(or if its in the engine bay at all?), clarify for me?
  16. SRB-2NV


    The third turbo will sit in the back bumper(or in the spare wheel well, not 100% decided yet).

    Not a major update but funny as, turns out my car was running lean(13:1AFR) on stock mapping due to my upper plenum gasket being f'cked and the last owner of the car had cats with bloody 2" pipes installed! I know i could have bested that last 14.5 if i had a better set of tyres, proper cats and a good plenum gasket :( devastated! haha

  17. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    ah ok cool. oil and water lines run from the front of car or own supply?
  18. SRB-2NV


    Run to the front with oil scavenge pumps and check valves so the turbo doesnt cook itself on shutdown.
  19. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    look forward to seeing it in the real world. ive seen heaps of youtube videos of rear mount turbos, but never known anyone to go through with it. your pioneering zedding lol.....
  20. SRB-2NV


    Sorry for the lack of updates, trying to buy parts for the car and working on it is very hard due to working almost every day.

    Managed to get my 200K Service kit from COZ, and i must say i am VERY impressed with customer service from COZ. Four days from order to me having the box of parts infront of me is AMAZING :D New bits include new injector connectors, 200k service kit, new gasket kit, new drive belts and new tailshaft center bearing.


    Have a good set of Manual turbos lined up along with a NIStune board that i am picking up tonight. Should see some more progress soon as i have more time to work on the car.

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