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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by badxtc, Nov 25, 2018.

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    hi guys who here has done the manual steering conversion on there zed using the stock zed rack , as im planing on doing this soon , i just wanted to know what you guy think of the steering after the conversion is it to heavy ?,, i do want to buy another rack all together just having problem getting one atm, so i was thinking i will just do the conversion and deal with it latter , i really dont like the astra electric pump ive been running for years now , time for it to go. The transition from left to hard right ( fast ) is shit , just over it tbh , i know flaming river may have something that may work , its also much lighter then the zed one willwood also have something , so i can get it sorted oneday
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    I de-powered a standard rack. It was old school heavy. I’d keep the electric pump until you’re ready for a proper manual rack with a reasonable ratio for a heavy car with big sticky tyres.
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    thanks Chrispy i knew someone would have done it . im ready to go manual rack , just need to find the right rack there are electric racks as well out there witch eliminate the use of oil and are much lighter and thats what im thinking of doing , the electric motor itself is on the rack no on the steering column ,( after speaking to my engineer , he is thoroughly telling me to stay away from the steering column inside the car , so i will ) so i need to work under the car on the rack itself

    these photos are what i intend to do , not these actual, racks but like them or it will be a actual manual rack etc etc race spec ,

    in one way id like to get rid of it all 100% and just go to a full manual rack and be done with it over all it will lighten it all up , and also less shit in the car

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    im not a member so i can sign in , thanks tho

    chrispy, did you take out the center divider out of the stock rack , and it was still old school heavy ?

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