Door warning light and interior lights.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by SpaceFrog, Dec 22, 2018.

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    Finally had a chance to do some work on the car after it was recovered by the police.

    Tidied up the wiring under the dash.
    But I cant get the interior lights to turn on. And the door warning light is always on, but feintly. When the drivers side door is open the light is on at full brightness.

    The thieves ripped out the alarm control unit , leaving the alarm wiring loom and immobiliser relay mostly intact. There are some purple wires that have been cut, not sure what they do. I think I remember a fuse being attached to them.

    The bonnet switch has been cut, but I can't find the wire for it.

    Are these 2 problems related?

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    You will more than likely find that when the alarm was installed they added a wire to the drivers sides door switch that then goes up to the bonnet switch. They do that because most alarms use the opening of the door to close the switch to earth and tell the alarm a door has been opened. So I would say the bonnet switch wire has been shorted even a little to ground when it was pulled out. That's why your door light is just glowing because it is the smallest of shorts then when you open a door you get a good earth so the light comes on fully. Just find that wire that was going to the bonnet switch and either the terminal that was on the switch or the wire is touching the body. Easy as to fix you just got to find the spot. Start were the bonnet switch was.
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