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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by pexzed, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. pexzed

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  2. black baz

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    Damn TT exhibitionist ... !!!! ... top vid.
  3. zedman

    zedman Member

    They just don't make em like this any more
    300's really where one of a kind not being bias or anything.:)
  4. bobert

    bobert New Member

    I don't think you will find anyone here to argue that :zlove:
  5. Stef

    Stef Active Member

    The first part was poetry in motion, but I managed too fall asleep twice in the second part. Nice car though
  6. Nauraushaun

    Nauraushaun New Member

    That guy's "prediction" about the Z32 being the sports car all will be measured against, never really came out did it. I wonder why that is.
    I like to think that the Z32 set the standard, and only fell short due to others attempting to outdo it. It had the TT, was at the JDM horsepower ceiling, modern styling, it kind of set the 90s in motion. But then cars like the new Supra (which had looked old next to the Z in 1990) came along 3 years later, trying harder.
  7. cru1sr

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    Agree. Jap manufacturers have been constrained by the kw ceiling - It's good for the tuners though!

    There were emission laws and the all wheel drive craze that happened too.

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