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Discussion in 'Non-Z Related' started by Altered State, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Hi My 300 TT went some time back unfortunately but the imminent purchase of a 2007 touring 3.5HR begs the question can I still turn up to cruise with the other 300s or will it be open season with cans and dead tomatoes? lol
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    Well I dont know about your state, but in WA I was welcomed in my 350Z, and we had several joint "Zclub" and "Aus300zx" events.

    In fact in WA, when they were hosting meets, it was not uncommon for old forum members to turn up in whatever thier new ride was.

    I recall one event I was in my Chrysler 300C, and we had an Evo, and an FT86 and a BMW M3.

    On another, I was in my first GTV, and another was in an R34 Skyline, and yet another in an Audi R8.

    I do also highly recommend www.zclub.com.au for late model Z's though.
  3. geron

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    Like ugame said...

    I've turned up in my KQ Laser several times while the Z is undergoing maintenance. You make friends on this forum and that counts more than what you drive IMO.

  4. WazTTed

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    I use to rock my missus ford laser of my Nissan pintara ob zed cruises
  5. tassuperkart

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    IMHO, its all about the meet, the people and the shared love of the Z's and little to do with the actual car/bike your driving or riding on the day!
    Anybody that cast aspersions at you because your not in a Zed is the one to be shown the door.

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