So I popped into a nissan dealer today........

Discussion in 'Non-Z Related' started by ugame, Oct 24, 2018.

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    ....just to pick up some parts for the X-Trail.

    But while there, I had a look at a black and red Nismo 370Z and a brand new X-Trail.

    All I want to say is, both impressed me very much. I'm talking about the quality of the interior these days. MY GOD! Keeping in mind the Alfa's I've had since leaving the Nissan fold, and of course my beloved Porsche.

    But my god Nissan are doing something right. What wonderful interiors on the cars these days.

    The X-Trail lacks interior space now though. Even the dealer guys said that. But as a comfortable car though, wow.

    And the 370Z Nismo.....WOW. Now my Cayman is smaller/lighter, but still.......the Nismo Z I can't right this....... I was going to say "nicer" inside. But that can't be right.

    Here is where I remind myself that I CHOSE the 987 because I wanted the spartan interior. Which is true.

    But the 370Z.......well I can't wait for depreciation to kick in is all Im saying.
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    That's generally the only thing I hear people say to recommend a nissan over a toyota or something in the new car market, they still know how to engineer a cockpit that makes you feel welcome not like you're sitting on a sterile slab at the STI clinic.

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