Exterior Door Handle – Key Lamp

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    Stupid question: Was there ever a lamp on the door handle around the key hole?
    I disassembled my locks to get repainted, but I noticed there is a ring of clear plastic around the keyhole, as if it was supposed to be illuminated. Mine have perished so I need to remake them (I can use my 3D printer & clear filament) But I did not see any lamp as such.
    After some googling, I have found there was an anti-theft system on these locks. However, mine had no such things fitted.

    So adding a simple LED to a new 3D printed part would be really easy, though I wasn’t sure if this is something people do? And if so, what circuit do they put them on?


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    The usdm models had a light up ring that illuminated when the locked door handle was pulled. Jap/aus cars never got this feature however some similar Nissans of the era had it. J30 maxima for example would illuminate green around the key hole.

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