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    this is your text, you say the calculator is conservative for 740cc, so wouldn't it be conservative for 1200cc.
    I know 1200cc side feeds are re manufactured, and if the Japanese had e85 or workable ecus when they cared about these cars then maybe nismo would have made 1200cc side feeds, but they didnt. The only reason we have big side feeds as an option is it happens to be the same injector Sr20 rb25 and ej20 use, all those engine you can grab a top feed rail of off the shelve for a couple of hundred dollars.
    I know the op wants 350rwkw or under and 740cc would be the limiting factor in that setup, it does not change the fact its the same cost,labour and ecu to drive them 740cc over 1200cc

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    The engine came with the 740cc injectors as it was originally purchased by another member, I decided to add the option of running the E85 as an after thought and a why not moment.
    It does actually seem to run a bit rich but don't have any logs on the duty cycles, the mechanic did state that the injectors weren't pushing it and it's the fuel pump holding it back, hence why I am swapping to a duel intank pump set up from Rob and may go ID1300x later on.
    It did go on a different dyno a few weeks later running a blended tank of fuel 98/e85, as it was just a dyno day power run the info was basic.
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    Morboost, I think you were missing my point. Yes you can buy 1000cc/1200cc side feed injectors, but they are remanufactured (drilled). I wouldn't run them, and others have also suggested they wouldn't recommend them.

    To get to your 1000rwhp without drilled side feeds you're going to need to go top feeds. One could assume the side feed rails probably wouldn't handle the amount of fuel you'd need to run to hit 1000rwhp anyway. But besides injectors, you'd be looking at a substantial spend to get to 1000rwhp.

    vs up to 500rwhp (300-350rwkw) can be done on a stock engine, just with bigger turbos, bigger injectors, bigger smics, EBC, better exhaust and Nistune as your starting point. And as I've suggested and several others have also now backed up, you should be able to get in the ballpark of 300-350rwkw with the 740cc injectors the OP (we assume) already has.

    xplodzx has posted up his results with 740cc injectors. Maybe the original tune dyno was a little generous with the 387rwkw figure, but regardless it's clear he's well over 300, and still more in it once he upgrades the fuel pump and leans the tune out a little.

    You keep going off on tangents with your posts that aren't really relevant to the OP and sometimes don't even make sense.
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    To simply the solution, there's plenty of ways to do this. It's just a cost and time thing really.

    Assume you've got an ECU solution sorted, basic bolt on mods like free flowing intake & exhaust, bigger coolers, any of the below has been proven to do (key word: BETWEEN) 300-350rwkw:

    Option 1: stock manual turbos + manual cams ideally, E85 friendly fuel system so change fuel pump, ALL lines from tank to engine, 740cc injectors will just get you into the 300s or come pretty close.

    Option 2: engine out, bolt on pair of 2560 or 2860 turbos. 740cc injectors will easily get you there on 98.

    Option 3: same as option 2 but just add E85, honestly if you've come this far, there is simply no reason to use redrilled side feeds and just get the top feed rails and run injectors designed for bigger flow. With 2560s you'll be getting awfully close to 400 and over 400 with 2860s.

    Lots of headroom in the injectors in all circumstances. Cheapest being 1 and 3 being overkill in this case so there's really no need to talk big injectors.

    Since the OP has already invested in forged rebuild, why would he waste the motor keeping stock turbos? There's plenty of aftermarket solutions that will easily do 300 and into the mid 450s if he splurges on the GTX offerings in which case I'd also be putting some money into the top feeds.

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