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VIC 1994 300zxTT AuFor Sale

Discussion in 'Zeds For Sale' started by Gav, Apr 16, 2018 at 5:20 PM.

  1. Gav

    Gav New Member

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    Item Name: 1994 z32 300zx twin turbo
    Item Price: $1500
    Item Condition: 210,000 kms; Drivable but requires fixing
    Item Description: 2+2 Targa Automatic; Midnight Pearl Blue
    Item Location: Noble Park North, Vic
    Will Freight Y/N: N
    Cost of Freight: N/A

    After nearly 20 years, it is finally time to move on and seek a change from sports cars. This car would suit someone who is looking for spare parts or wants to undertake an upgrade project. 12 Months Rego.

    Contact: gavrodrigues@hotmail.com

    The Good:

    Stock 3.0 Lt VGDETT engine

    K&N air filter

    2 x AVO Blow Off Valves

    Gearbox and Diff functional with no known issues

    The Not so Good:

    Heat Core damaged and has been bypassed

    Air Conditioner system needs maintenance

    Right hand instrument cluster damaged

    Seats need reupholstering

    Paint chipping to rear bumper from minor fender bender

    Slight damage to rear wheel arch from accident

    Rear spoiler needs respray but undamaged




    upload_2018-4-16_17-19-49.png upload_2018-4-16_17-19-7.png upload_2018-4-16_17-19-19.png upload_2018-4-16_17-19-36.png upload_2018-4-16_17-19-49.png
  2. jellybeans

    jellybeans Member

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    bloody hell can you really buy a twin turbo Z with 12 months rego for $1500? crazy
  3. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder

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    Compression test on cylinders?
    Timing belt done?
    Exactly what's wrong with the ac?

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