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VIC 1991 2+2 tt

Discussion in 'Zeds For Sale' started by ross79, May 18, 2017.

  1. ross79

    ross79 New Member

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    Selling one of my zeds so i can get my other one on the road.

    Its a TT 2+2 Auto Targa with TD04 turbos and crow cams.
    Car was fully resprayed in a factory 350Z colour.
    Will come on stock wheels.
    Interior had a dodgy retrim at some point but i have started replacing the bad so now seats are factory black leather in very good condition ie no rips, etc. Door cards back to normal.
    Turbo seals are leaking so it they will need either a seal kit or replaced.
    Hatch has rust bubbling through so will need to be cut out or replaced. I do have a spare hatch to go with it.
    I have driven the car from Bendigo to my place in Castlemaine and with the exception of the white smoke from turbos, it drove fine and auto shifted perfectly.

    Price: $3,000.
    Located: Castlemaine.

    Price is firm and not negotiable. Will not part out.

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