WA 1989 Nissan VH45-powered 300ZX

Discussion in 'Zeds For Sale' started by ichizora, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. ichizora

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    Time to pull the plug.

    Build Thread




    Year: 1989 (2005 on rego)
    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+0
    Colour: 732 Black Pearl Metallic
    Engine (Turbo/NA): 1993 Nissan VH45 Naturally Aspirated V8 (with newer style '94+ metal chain guides!)
    Transmission (MT/AT): Manual 5-speed
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Leather (black with red stitching)
    Odometer: 113,000 km or thereabouts
    Contact Details: PM here, or 0401 921 380 (sms first).


    (There's probably a lot of stuff I've missed)
    Nissan VH45DE (new everything)
    Custom VH45->RS5 gearbox adapter (NICO)
    Xcessive VHVG Flywheel concentric spacer
    Z1 Forged 4140 CrMo ultra lightweight flywheel
    Z1 Full face organic clutch
    Z1 1-piece steel driveshaft
    Nissan R33 GTS-t clutch master cylinder
    Steel braided clutch line
    Nismo solid transmission mount
    Custom Extractors
    Magnaflow 2.5? high flow cats
    A'pexi Super Megaphone Catback Exhaust
    Braille B3121
    2Qrt Accusump
    Steel braided hoses for almost everything
    19 row oil cooler
    Custom front mount radiator (600x300x90mm FMIC core)
    Dual thermofans
    NGK Iridiums
    Malpassi Fuel Regulator
    High flow pod
    Opel Electro-hydraulic power steering pump

    Endless ZEAL Function-Xs coilovers
    Energy Suspension Bushes
    Adjustable rear toe rods (steel)
    Adjustable tension rods (steel)
    Adjustable front upper control arms (steel)
    Stillen swaybars
    TuneAgent rear adjustable control arms

    MegaZ brake master cylinder brace
    QFM HP-X rear pads

    VarrsToen ES 2.2.2 (TE reps ? cast ally)
    Federal 595 (F-235/35R19, R-265/30R19)
    Black locking nuts (steel)

    Nissan 2k urethane front bar
    Nissan 2k rear lights
    Nissan genuine 3rd brake light panel infill
    Low beam HID 4300K

    Black leather seats with red stitching
    Recaro SR3 reclinable driver's bucket seat (OEM)
    Momo steering wheel
    Nissan genuine titanium key set
    Dual A-pillar gauge pod
    Digital oil pressure gauge
    Digital water temp gauge
    TTZ floor mats
    Pioneer TS-D160R 6.5? speakers
    Pioneer TS-W1201C 200WRMS sub (custom enclosure)
    Response Amp


    Special thanks to Aidan (awegazm), Cinda, Chris (ezzupturbo), Chrispy, and a long other list of people that have come down to help out with the zed or that have given me advice over the forums about this project.
    I apologise to all the people who wanted to see this project finished.


    What's the reason for selling?
    I was hoping to keep this project aside til I finished my degree but my family is in a very critical financial situation (even worse than before) and I can't afford to keep a project car in the garage that I can't drive. I also need to move to near campus to finish my thesis next year, so it'll be nice if I had money saved up so I wouldn't have to work as much.

    What's left to do on the conversion?
    The Zed has a running drivetrain and it starts (very healthy, see video in build thread). It needs my exhaust (or any zed exhaust) cut and flanged where it meets the headers. The front mount radiator hoses should be replaced with proper hardpipes. Everything is already in. Last thing it will need is a custom bonnet (there is already a hole cut where it needs to be). Then it's engineering and pits.


    The asking price is $25,000 NEGIOTABLE.

    I'll leave this up for a bit before I will part it out. I will be in f**king tears when I let this baby go, please consider that before you hit the reply button!
  2. rangsy

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    ah man that sucks, sorry to see u finally try and part with her. been following ur build for quite some time and the time, effort and dollars that has gone into it is crazy...hope she goes to a good home. gl with the sale
  3. Jordz

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    SO close man, SO DAMNED CLOSE to finishing. I feel for you man, if i ever have to let my rolling project go ill be in distress as well. While i may not be buying this, I will recommend it to anyone looking for a short term project. finishing this car will be easy, and cheap. Kev has taken good care of his car too, so no need to worry about poor workmanship :)
  4. ichizora

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    Yeah it does suck. I want to move this soon so I can help pay court fees :(
    I'll give it another week before I start parting it out.
  5. Mongrel 295

    Mongrel 295 89 Z32 TT 2+0 J-spec

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    Post it everywhere man... dont part it. wouldnt ya rather it be finished than torn apart. such a shame ya gotta let her go
  6. ichizora

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    Yea I would rather see her finished but desperate times. It's up on SAU and Gumtree as well now.
  7. ichizora

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    $18,000 come and get it before I part it out in the new year.
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