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  1. SrAfciGeR
    SrAfciGeR Adz_79
    Hi Mate.

    Let me know If nistune is still for sale.
    1. Adz_79
      Sold sorry
      Apr 16, 2019 at 6:30 PM
    UNIQUE ZED zed280zx
    email an invoice to
    UNIQUE ZED zed280zx
    Can I order another S2 PTU with plug and pigtails and instructions and send to Monaco Performance 2a/50 Northcott Dr, Kotara NSW 2289

    Phone: (02) 4957 0999
  4. WILLF
    Looking for a project
  5. gmbrezzo
    gmbrezzo CHILI
    Congrats on becomming a mod. Welcome to the nut house.
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  6. Luke300
  8. Luke300
    Luke300 Jamie
    Does the 2k seats bolt directly on drives side electric rail? Pretty sure 2k seats are not electric yea?

    Do you have any pictures?
  9. DUB
    DUB beaver77
    Hi, were you looking for an interior for your Z?
  10. SRB-2NV
  11. MagicMike
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  13. MagicMike
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  14. MagicMike
    Hi again everyone, friendly reminder that the correct way to send a 'PM' to another member, is to 'start a conversation' with them
  15. scottyoz1962
    scottyoz1962 Stef
    Hey Stef, maybe you can give myself and Niall some ideas or knowledge on how to get too the fuel flap mechanism, it appears it is electronic, but neither of us know how too access it as my switch is dead and i need to replace so i can fuel up and open the flap without prying it open with a screw driver. Cheers Steve .
  16. YellaZed
    YellaZed EJC
    G'day EJC: If you are still parting out the 2+0 I'm after the cargo tray thing that sits between the rear shock towers if you have it.

    Cheers, Wal F
  17. DinoZ
    DinoZ rob260
    1. rob260
      No worries have done
      Jan 22, 2019
  18. youron300
    Worlds fastest RB powerd ZX
  19. ZX32
    ZX32 IB
    Hi Ian

    I hope this is the correct Ian. I used to be a member of the owner's association and we both worked at Veteran's Affairs.
    Anyway I sold my Z to my sister and the Z has some power "surging" issues and A/C issues and wondered if you and John still had any diagnostic equipment that might be able to help while she's here for a week or so.
    Cheers, Matt Grocott (ZX32 - 1990 N/A 2+2)
  20. mark
    mark SWH80
    Hi mate, did you end up selling the Joni shocks