Ztoys New products. Skirts, infills, lips + ducts

Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by ztoy, May 7, 2011.

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  1. 300ZXC


  2. beaver

    beaver southern zeds


    rear defuser, just sounds right dont it?
  3. NissZed90

    NissZed90 New Member

    how much lip delivered to Perth 6172 please, by the way doing an awesome job for the ZED community,,,
  4. tassuperkart

    tassuperkart Its a lie I tell you!

    PM sent.
  5. rts_kaneda

    rts_kaneda New Member

    How much is delivery of the front bar to perth?
  6. canario

    canario New Member

    anyone knows ztoys number, ive been trying to contact him but not replay.
  7. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    Sorry for been slack on relpys . Im not living at my usual address right now. :(

    All recent orders have been made and will be shipped on monday.
  8. canario

    canario New Member

    Thanks Mate,
    im just worrinng whether you recived my payment or not,
    Regards Severo
  9. whoppersandwich

    whoppersandwich Le Canon De Douche

    Skirts + infills

    Just had mine installed, this is what they look like:


  10. canario

    canario New Member

    hi al its been two weeks since i asked you about the slimfills,
    havent recive them, have you goty a traking number so i can see whats going on with it?
  11. Nigel300

    Nigel300 New Member

    That looks very good Whopper!
  12. canario

    canario New Member

    Al please mate, can you contact to e-go to see what's going on with my parcel, now when i check on the tracking it appears not matches.
  13. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    I'll send an email when I get back tomorow. Please understand that I have been working out of town for 7 weeks now and only get time to do my normal stuff on the weekends. I cannot do anymore than you either than send an email as they do not list a phone number.
  14. canario

    canario New Member

    hey Al thanks mate, yeah ive been contacting them, today a sent them an email they answered me that ill be here tomorrow or on monday the latest, lets cross fingers, the onli wierd thing is that when i put ma tracking number it appears not matches, it did 2 days ago but not since yesterday.
    thanks anyway ill keep u imform.
  15. angrybear

    angrybear Moderator

    Did they gave you a number starting with the two letters CN, then leave them out when you track your parcel. CN simply means Consignment Number

    I have a parcel on the way, and I was given a number CN DNxxxxxx, which didn't work until I left off the bit at the front.
  16. canario

    canario New Member

    naahh, Al gave me the right number without the CN it wass actually working on Wednesday, but seing that the last update was a week earlier i decide to contact them, after i contacted them and getting a replay that said - ill let you know in the arvo,
    and didnt get any news that arvo i went to check again and get not matches.
  17. tassuperkart

    tassuperkart Its a lie I tell you!

    Ring the recieving depot.
  18. canario

    canario New Member

    they told me pacage will get here the latest on monday, so im going to wait and see if it gets here on that, if it dosnt ill try to contact them again, thanks guys.
  19. canario

    canario New Member

    Guesss What? this incompetents haven't deliver my parcel yet, i have no more hope of having that filler before my car is finish on the panel shop.
    i just sent them an email, lets see what day they say is going to be deliver now.
  20. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    It is frustrating that this is being so difficult for you. Every other package has been delivered with little hassle. I dont know what is making it so hard for them to deliver a simple package :mad:
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