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    Hi Mark, I sent you an Email on 11/01/07

    through your web site but you didn't reply so I'm assuming you didn't receive it so I guess I'll have to wait till the next one. With all our members 'Z' being knocked off lately I'm feeling a bit uneasy.


    quote=zed4life (zedcare.com);494923]Is now on

    Please (only) EMAIL your confirmed orders, questions etc to:


    • ZID self arms automatically upon removing the key. No need to remember to arm so zed is never accidentally 'unprotected'.
    • Installed with just 6 wires to connect + a couple extra connections
    • All Black wiring design further prolongs thief's attempts to disarm
    • ZID is still armed and zed is still immobilised even if :
    • any ZID wires are cut AND/OR
    • thief tries to bridge the zed's ignition, fuel or starter relays AND/OR
    • jump/roll start or usual hotwiring tricks are tried.
    • Can be located in such a position in the car as to be very frustrating and almost unfeasible for the typical car thief / joyrider to find
    • Has no remotes to lose/break or batteries to go flat
    • ZID works with turbo timers- as soon as timer switches ignition off, the ZID is automatically armed
    • ZID should also work fine with other security devices, in fact having two flashing LED's will really deter thieves
    • Draws almost no power other than the flashing LED (approx 25mA) which can be turned off if desired.
    • Standard ZID is a single point of immobilisation (but one VERY effective one), however you can add unlimited extra points by adding extra relays (I can provide details if required)
    • ZID is NOT just a kill switch which are easily found and disarmed!!!
    • Actual specifications will not be listed here (because you never know who is reading this) but can be provided on an individual basis if required
    • Please read the disclaimer below
    • Pre-built unit comes complete with all wiring and necessary parts ready to go (There are only around six wires to connect up plus a couple additional connections to/from switches etc and come with complete web based installation and zed wiring instructions and phone support as required).
    • $92 Brisbane pickup DIY Install
    • $99 Delivered Aust Wide DIY Install
    Each ZID includes access to comprehensive online instructions complete with photos, suggestions on placement.

    Skill level and tools required:
    • Soldering skills, removing of some interior panels, basic screwdrivers and spanners, soldering iron and solder, 6MM drill.
    Expected installation time: For an experienced zed owner expect 3-4 hours for a proper job (remember the harder it is for you install, the harder it also is for a thief to bypass). Ongoing email/phone support is provided if you require any assistance.

    Ordering and Delivery

    Please email me ONLY at with confirmed orders, questions etc. I'll start building immediately after payments arrive. (As there is a considerable investment in parts have to pre-purchase the materials).
    EFT or cheque preferred thanks (no cash in the mail!) EFT bank details will be provided by reply email.

    More details here[/quote]
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    All ZID's despatched yesterday- Sale is closed

    I have no more components or time left to make up any more for now.

    Apologies to those who missed out. I will be making more over the next month or so and will place a new thread when they are ready.

    I am still happy to provide wiring diagrams/install instructions free of charge for those fairly electrically competent. You will need about 1.5-2 hours to make the actual ZID up and then the installation which is between 2.5-4 hours (dependant on how secure you want to make it...

    The only proviso is that the requestee is a known forum member (who can proove they own a zed) to either myself or others. I want to keep the design as much of a secret as I can for as long as possible.
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    Received my ZID today. I'll now have to find some time to install it. Thanks for building it Mark.

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