AUS Zedfest #8 - Armidale 2018 Wrap up

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by MagicMike, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    You go to Zedfest and discuss why the forum is dying and then post the pictures to facebook. Im confused
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  2. Redhotz

    Redhotz New Member

    It's to hard to post pictures on this forum. The amount of trouble to post them here imo make this place outdated plus not one picture of my zed made it in any pictures from zfest, find this to be a shame, ,shame though it's still a zed, it was the only slick Top there,
  3. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry mate but that’s BS. Read the instructions I linked in your build thread; the direct upload feature is very easy to use and even works on your smartphone etc.
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  4. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    redhotz -can't comment on that i was able to put up a picture on this forum from my phone and i can barely operate a computer. Id suggest using this forum and then directing people to facebook in light of the issues the forum is facing with membership is stupid, maybe even rude. Im not on facebook and don't wish to be because it's for self absorbed children and i have enough companies spying on me as it is. My phone has now started informing me how long it will take me and how bad the traffic is on a drive im yet to make.
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  5. Redhotz

    Redhotz New Member

    what a load it tells me i need a host. i dont need other internet accounts holding or hosting my pictures ,so its not BS an you need to curb your rude attitude bloke, people want to be here but being pompous isnt how its done.
  6. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Here’s a screen shot of the instructions I linked you to, which I have direct uploaded from my phone.


    Fair call re the wording of my reply. Not intended as rude; more so frustrated when I put so much time and energy into making things easy and people don’t take the time to read before declaring that the platform is outdated and “too much trouble”.
  7. Nasty_Girl

    Nasty_Girl Member

    *sigh* not that I should need to justify my actions but....

    1. I posted them on facebook because I wanted my friends and family to see. If you dont like using facebook that's your choice but no need to call your fellow zed members self absorbed children. It's quite insulting
    2. I was politely asked via PM to post them directly on the forum which I was intending to do once I got home from work however Rob260 beat me to it. I didnt see the need to post them twice - ps. thanks Rob!
    3. You'll note in the suggestions and feedback one of the ideas was to 'purposely cross post between facebook and forum to drive up usage'. Posting them on facebook raises awareness across the facebook community who may not be on this forum in the hope it will bring them over to this page.
    4. RedHotz apologies I only started taking pictures on Saturday afternoon and Sunday by which time I think you had left the event? I'm sure Rob or Eddie will have some of yours from the group shot. I dont think anyone took photos on Friday afternoon!
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  8. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    • Yes you don't like facebook. Others can use it as they please. Don't be a dick
    i doubt you can justify your reasons for being on facebook.

    I get that a lot my "friends and family". You don't do it to show your friends and family you do it to say "look at me" to a heap of people you don't really know. Thats the childish bit, No-one has more than 5 real friends. Do you watch the news? Mark Fuckerburg is apologising to congress for selling your details. i don't mean to offend but sometimes when someone points out you have been stupid it can hurt
  9. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    ...and the most ignorant and idiotic post of the year goes to ^^ :rolleyes: ^^
  10. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    ignorant ? idiotic ? how so ?
  11. Nasty_Girl

    Nasty_Girl Member

    sometimes a response just isn't worth it Benny lol :rolleyes:
    I've come back onto this forum for the first time in 2 years, made 3 posts, and all 3 of them have torn apart and personally insulted. It's any wonder people don't want to be on this forum anymore. This is no longer a community of people supporting one another or enjoying sharing information. It's just a competition of who can voice their opinions the loudest and insult others the best.

    I'll just head back to facebook where at least my 5 friends give a crap and we enjoy supporting each other :D

    now.... back on topic... Zedfest was awesome, bring on 2020!!
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  12. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    The real question @Nasty_Girl is are you still in favour of trialing reduced moderation (said very much with tongue in cheek ha ha)
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  13. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    Nasty girl, s

    Sorry about the post, i only intended to make the original comment that sending people to facebook from here was not helping. I do think that directing people to a competitor to the forum is a bad idea. what if those people don't come back?
    But facebook shits me to tears and and i got side tracked emotional. Facebook and it's devotees have had a massive impact on productivity and safety in my industry. Wages are now lower than 2000. We can't match the output of workers from 20 years ago with better equipment or their safety records.
    We can't get people of their phones. They are addicted, it is a big problem and it effects all ages. The only workers worth hiring or retaining are those that for whatever reason are immune to social media, less than 5% But we can't sack anyone for "keeping in touch with their family". So frustrating watching some guy taking selfies and staring at his phone for 8 hrs of a 12 hr shift.

    This is a social site and as such i probably shouldn't bring my professional / personal issues to bear on individuals who are free to do as they wish with social media.
    so once again apologies.
  14. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    Whilst i can be rude if I'm wrong, and i was, i apologise and people offend and apologise in the real world so do we need a parent stepping into a conversation before its run its course? i don't think so. if someone crosses the line then other members should comment in support which Benny c did. thats the right thing to do. It's easier here to be offensive than in the real world but its also easier to stand up for someone. Standing up for someone who needs it is a skill we all should practise.
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  15. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    Or you could just be less of a dick to people in the first place. I commend you for trying to get some action started on the forum again, but perhaps tread a little more gently until you build a rapport with members.
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  16. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    Being a dick is an issue i need to work through.

    I can't speak for the rest of you but i've had fist fights and screaming matches with people i initially didn't get along with but afterwards have become friends with or at least had a lot more respect for. I said some stuff that Central QLD Z took offence to but after a bit of back and forth i think we have sorted it out. Now i hate his car and he hates mine but thats ok and i liked his replies. he didn't agree with me and he said so. It turns out his occupation and life story has many similarities to mine. We are probably more similar than our cars would suggest. I think if we met we would have a laugh at each other cars and be off to a better start than if we simply met for the first time and said nice thing we didn't mean to each other about our cars.

    Nasty girl on the other hand, shell probably be more wary and if I see her ill be apologising again and maybe asking if she can enlighten me on what im missing with the whole facebook thing.
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  17. Nasty_Girl

    Nasty_Girl Member

    Don’t read into robs comment too much... it was an inside joke :)

    And appreciate the apology!
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  18. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    i appreciate the acceptance. I took that to mean you were for less moderation in the discussions at zedfest.
  19. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Looks like a bloody good time was had by all in attendance. Good to see some beautiful Zeds still hitting the streets and the hard work is continuing to be put into them.

    Congrats to all that made the trip!

    Shame to see the numbers dwindling, however as has been mentioned above sometimes quality far outweighs the quantity.

    and yes... I am still lurking every now and again.

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  20. Redhotz

    Redhotz New Member

    Il put up a picture that no one else want to.

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