Zed Storage for Restoration

Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by Beavis, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Beavis

    Beavis Member

    Hi guys,

    Bit of a long shot but I am running out of ideas.

    I have a 2+0 Slicktop that was painted 18 months ago in Acrylic Paint and its not looking great with the Australian sun beating down on it.

    Anyway I am going to start again, full strip down restoration, paint, engine etc.

    Just one issue. I have no where to store the project, I have a car port and driveway but just wont work trying to a restoration.

    So I am asking if anyone has any ideas?

    Ideally I would like someone where near Brisbane that I could store the car and work on it where it would be safe.
    Possible need to store for about 4 months while I do the work.

    Will be prepping for paint but it will be sprayed at a paint shop.

    Just struggling to find somewhere or someone who has some storage space available.

  2. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

    If you lived near me id help you out as I live in shed heven,good luck with this in times like now. :br::zlove::rolleyes2:
  3. TQE-756

    TQE-756 Active Member


    How about some Bondeck Cladding around the carport or if you are renting what about one of those giant portable car port tents secured to the ground and the carport?

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