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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Masked Goatrider, May 18, 2016.

  1. Hi fellow and fellowette Zedophiles.

    Here is today's strange question.

    A number of years ago I purchased an acrylic puck. These were issued in a series of 500 and one was placed in the glove box of each of the last 500 Z32s produced in 1996 for the world market.

    On the front it has "26 Years of History & Tradition - 1970 Z 1996 - 240Z - 260Z - 280Z - 280ZX - 300ZX.

    On the reverse it has "Love Cars, Love People, Love Life" and |Katayamasan's signature.

    It was quite expensive when I purchased it and apart from content is a fairly unappealing monochrome but seems nice for a very limited Z related item.

    Does anyone have an idea of current value?

    Best regards all


  2. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    Hi Ron,

    The last 300zx's were produced in 2000, so if this was made in 1996 the it would be for the last run of the US sold cars.

    Even so, it would have to be a fairly rare thing, is it numbered in any way?

    Some photos of it would be interesting.

    As for value, its probly one of those things that its more a case of what can you get for it, rather than what its worth. It is unlikely that many would have been sold over the years, so there wouldnt be a established value in place for them.
  3. CARZ

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    G'day Ron, I'd like to see a pic or two & could be a buyer :)
    Over the years I've collected boxes & boxes of Z collectibles. Those 1/18 Kyosho scale models for example, I've got 8 of them (most in original boxes). Decided to sell a yellow one which hadn't come with a box, thought I'd get probably $150 but it sold for $320 on eBay :) What a collectible is worth just depends on how many people want it on the day ;)
  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    I'm surprised you didn't outright make him an offer :D
  5. Tried to post pics but it appears I don't have the authorities yet as I am fairly new.
    The attach icon doesn't come up. I will wait until I have them.
    On another aside, don't buy antenna masts out of China. They may be cheap but the one I received was one section short and hence too low in diameter to seal.
    Best all
  6. harty

    harty Member

    Very curious to see what it looks like.
  7. Can't post

    Does anyone know how you can post pics when you are still a newbie?

    Best regards

  8. gmbrezzo

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    Upload pics to a photo web server like Photobucket.
    Then add the embedded pic link via the "insert image" button

    There is a sticky post at the top of Z Related Non Technical that explains the step by step procedure.
    This is also the link:

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