ZED 1991 non turbo,auto,damaged,sydney $2000

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  1. MNE_mania

    MNE_mania Mr MNE

    Car is two seater automatic targa top NON TURBO 160000kms and it was car for life, I was so upset:mad: not to have ZED on the road that I purchase new one:biggrin: few days after now old one must go to find new home or RIP
    Bad things first:
    car is damage front right side and back right side will need to replace front nose I was told can be purchased from wreckers (bumpber bar head lights radiator complete DIY) on the back will need the expert help not sure for the cost , right hand side stop light,antena,bumper bar and muffler.
    Good things:
    Engine excellent condition any test welcome.
    Gearbox excellent too
    Interior very good clean
    New brakes
    Tyres 3 of them fair condition one will need replacment wheels good with few scratches.
    If you have any questions please ask before you place bid inspection by appointments ONLY ph 0449796201
  2. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

    Any chance of posting some pics of the damage.... ?
  3. MNE_mania

    MNE_mania Mr MNE

    oh yes is on the ebay now

    soon when I find out how to post pic I will do it ....:biggrin:

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