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Discussion in 'Technical' started by skynriver, Mar 10, 2021.

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    Hi guys!

    Any recommendation for a Sydney workshop for the Z32?

    1991 Manual TT 2 + 2.

    Car hasn't started for years and looking for perhaps a complete engine rebuild as it was running rich and not holding boost.

    Also any recommendation for towing would be greatly appreciated!
    Located in the North Shore.

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    MRC Dyno Services and Performance

    Address: Unit 1/20 Tucks Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147
    Phone: (02) 9634 5399
    Web: http://www.mrcdyno.com.au/

    Note: Mark has been servicing my Beloved Zed for over 20 years; and did my VH45 V8 conversion back in 2009-10.

    On weekend (27-Mar-2021) there were 4-5 Z32 in his shop, plus Silvia and Skylines. ... 2 of the Zeds, (one with Tassie plates and other with ACT plates), were in for complete engine rebuilds.
    It is common to see at his shop, a few Z32 (that are worse for wear), being bought back to life.

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