z32 '89 Non-Turbo Auto 2+0 ECU Computer Replacement

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gregzilla, Jan 20, 2018.

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    If he is a qualified auto lecky and he appeared to do the work I would just swap the ECU. He would be well versed in making such a call not hard if you know what you are doing.

    If it doesn't help you will know 2 things, the ECU is OK and that guy isn't worth a pinch of the proverbial, although I would take his advise before the internet any day.

    Hell this forum cant or wont even answer your OP question.

    23710-40P11 is for a VG30DE (NA) Auto 11/89-03/90

    Alternatives (JDM)

    23710-40P13 (End date of FAST listed comparability 08/92)
    2371M-40P13 (M is for re-manufactured and no issue.)

    I would also use these (ADM)

    23710-39P11 from 11/89
    23710-39P12 to 08/92

    An ECU should cost between $50 and $150 and should be pretty easy to find.
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    This alone tells me he hasn't a clue. One of the wires on the coil pack connector should have 12v on it continually. If it isnt there THAT IS THE PROBLEM Not the ECU
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