WA Wrecking Garethclarkes 2+2 all parts

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by chevzed, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. chevzed

    chevzed New Member

    Unfortunatly we have all seen the story of Gareth's beloved Zed. The prices on fixing the panel damage have just made the job not viable so i am wrecking the car out.
    see seperate add for the motor and box.
    all parts are avalible so if you not see them listed here PM me.

    brand new 2000 spec tail lights still in box's plus brand new rear infill $700 plus freight.
    have individual pics if required but all are brand new.

    2x LH tail lights $20 each
    2x center panels $20 each
    1x RH light $20
    front bumper reo $60.
    Targa bags in good nic $80 pair
    EBAY spec intercooler and pipework brand new $250
    3 stereo surrounds first one is perfect with top screw covers and the long cover (cant find them like this) $100, second one I have never seen one like it befor but again in great nic $70 and last one good condition but no screw covers $50

    red targa's and shades imaculate condition $100 each
    complete NA rear end (120,000km on it) complete unbolted from the car $300
    all interior parts in great condition, carpets door trims all panels, dash is sweet pods ect.
    Red doors in imaculate condition fully sound deadend unbold from the car $100 each mirrors speakers everything.
    heaps and heaps of parts let me know what you need
  2. reggie_young

    reggie_young New Member

    Right hand side pod for lights ??
  3. mark

    mark mark

    reo bar

    i'll take the reo bar thanks
  4. bruno

    bruno New Member

    Will you separate the 2k lights from the infill?
  5. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    if you do , how much for the infill
  6. reggie_young

    reggie_young New Member

    Thingy around cluster that has the worning lights on it ?
  7. lukewill91

    lukewill91 New Member

    How much for the 2k lights by themself?
  8. chevzed

    chevzed New Member

    $450 for tail lights (wont break the set)
    $250 for infill (prefer not to post as too fragile)
  9. chevzed

    chevzed New Member

    $100 stereo surround SOLD
  10. attila.Z

    attila.Z Awesome member

    TT or NA?

    I'm after a pair of TT calipers.
  11. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier

    I will take the 2k taillight if they don't

    and I will take the stock tailights too full set.

    pm me bank details and address for pickup
  12. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    got clutch master cylinder and clutch pedal?
  13. Mikezah

    Mikezah build thread incoming!

    centre panel please

    also what condition are the fog lights in?
  14. chevzed

    chevzed New Member

    OK i think i have replied to all enquiries and PM's

    If i have missed you sorry but have had 80 odd messages today and have tried to get to them all.

    If not shoot me another and i will get to you.
    will update listings tomorrow as lots of pending money transfers

    thanks everyone for your interest
  15. Justaguy

    Justaguy Member

    I 'll take the second stero surround if available.
  16. xavier

    xavier Member

    PM'd for passenger side weather cowl and cruise control if available
  17. new 2z

    new 2z New Member

    hey is it aus spec or jap spec? i need a jap spec front left indicator and also the air vent on top of the dash
  18. chevzed

    chevzed New Member

    OZ spec
  19. lolwut

    lolwut Developing OCD

    2k tail lights sold yet?
  20. chevzed

    chevzed New Member

    all 3 stereo surrounds SOLD
    front reo bar SOLD
    1 2nd hand center panel SOLD

    all other parts still avalible
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