SA Wrecking a TT 2 seater

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by vq_wanting_vg, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. vq_wanting_vg

    vq_wanting_vg New Member

    I purchase a crashed z32 not long ago cuz it had a gearbox that I wanted.

    The rest of the car is available for scavengers to feast on.

    Stock standard 2 seater.

    Tailgate and rear sections are bent and useless.

    Interior is black and grey good condition.

    If people want things let me know how much u want to pay for things plus cost of postage, and I'll get it to u as quick as I can.

    The vehicle will be on the hoist next Monday, getting stripped :)
  2. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    What year?

    Interested in ECU, PM coming.
  3. stanny28

    stanny28 Member

    Rear shock tower plastics. DIBs if they are in very good condition, ie no cracks or scratches....
    Any AM bits on it?
    If it has a Rad air guide, DIB's on that too.....
  4. Adamness

    Adamness Active Member

    Is the interior tweed or velour? if velour i'm super keen!
  5. Madcow

    Madcow Active Member

    Don't be scared to chuck up some pics!
  6. Bobcoz

    Bobcoz New Member

    hey mate, interested in the seats, right hand intercooler and front bumper.. what colour is the car? PM coming
  7. magsy

    magsy New Member

    interested in stock air box and front guard liners if you have them
  8. Bsmit410

    Bsmit410 New Member

    Looking for drivers side rear section of the hand brake cable, OEM floor mats and a dash mat what have you got ?
  9. Zeo

    Zeo Active Member

    Is it possible to come around and have a look?
  10. silverZ

    silverZ Member

    X2 I need a few bits and pieces
  11. vq_wanting_vg

    vq_wanting_vg New Member

    Pictures coming shortly......

    I have most of what ppl are asking for.

    Will work my way through replies this evening
  12. vq_wanting_vg

    vq_wanting_vg New Member

  13. J3T SPD

    J3T SPD Lets J3T............(SPD)

    How much is the steering wheel posted to 3012?

    What condition?

    Dibs if price/condition is right!

    I'm 0414 743 991 if you wana chat or just reply here

  14. J3T SPD

    J3T SPD Lets J3T............(SPD)

    Also keen on the stereo surround incl clips etc

    Price posted to 3012?

  15. OZX_320

    OZX_320 Detachable Member

    Price on the Altia Door Sills, if I spy thems correctly :D
  16. Jamie

    Jamie Jamie The Hobbit

    Nice work Mich!
  17. Azzazzin

    Azzazzin New Member

    any chance you still have the struts available? any chance of having a look at the car? just PM me. cheers
  18. vq_wanting_vg

    vq_wanting_vg New Member

    For anyone who wants to look at the car it will be available for looking on Monday....

    Those that want to look PM me and I'll give u an address.

    I am slowly working through the PMs

    Also if u want something please be very specific - example struts: are these boot struts or shock struts?
  19. Radiactor

    Radiactor Fast Member

    Interested in the rear view mirror and the flip down sun visor things. (are they in decent condition?)
    Also interested in the control pod holders (and applicable screws) for both sides.

    How much for these?
  20. vq_wanting_vg

    vq_wanting_vg New Member

    still take pms for parts....

    car gets stripped on monday

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