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Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Billo55, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Billo55

    Billo55 Mmm, Floor Pie

    Hi there

    Yesterday i returned to my beloved prized possession to find it destroyed by some stupid fool who has smashed into the rear right quarter, this then pushed it into the back of another parked car :(:(:(

    here are some pics :(:(:( (Devastated)

    The rear quarter is the bulk of the damage... rear suspension is pretty stuffed but everything else is pretty good bar the front bumper...



    I wanted to see if anybody was interested in buying the wreck off me because i don't have the time or the space to strip it for parts

    Its a 1989 2 seater TT manual targa top
    I have a huge list of things done to it... just to list a few

    Plenum pull, all usual things done
    56mm radiator
    ebay front mount
    sports gt continental tyres ($285 each, 80% tread)
    Fully rebuilt heads (new head gaskets, head bolts i could go on with this one...spent over 4000)
    2.5 inch mild steel exhaust with magnaflow mufflers (2x 14807 and 1x 12468)
    Npower dumps and front pipes
    Greddy profec b spec II boost controller
    K&N pod filter
    New radiator hoses (alloy lower one)
    100K service done bout 10k ago
    serviced regularly since owned
    Alpine deck, soundstream speakers
    etc, etc

    Can show receipts for work done
    All work done by Tom at PZP

    Car made 218.8 rwkw on 14psi before heads were rebuilt so i would say its making more than that, pity it cant put it to the road :(:(

    I was thinking maybe $4000 but I'm open to any reasonable offers, plus i need to know asap so i can get rid of it.... cant keep looking at it (to upsetting)

    Call me on 0423155825
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  2. Anton

    Anton New Member

    sorry to hear that mate, did the person who did it do a runner? You don't have insurance?

    I'd be tempted to wreck it but with 4 cars out the back getting work done I'd get my ass kicked
  3. TordeK

    TordeK Member

    sad to hear mate :(
  4. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    Very sorry to hear buddy. :(
    If only you were over this side of the country, i'd be making you a serious offer!
  5. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    I hope

    something good comes from this, shame to see what appears to have been a nice Z screwed by a FW.
    I'd be devastated too.
  6. Billo55

    Billo55 Mmm, Floor Pie

    Aw go on whats one more zed :p:p

    you could start a used car lot

    Yeah we are both insured and he was still there when i returned to my car...
  7. Kabir

    Kabir Well-Known Member

    Very sad. Hope you are covered.
    Why this happen all the time with me. Looking for one of these option for longggggggggg time in WA and bought a engine last night from japan. If I could wait a little longer this one was perfect for me.:(
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    RENZED Girl in the black beast

    Oh thank god!!! I think I would have killed someone if the person that did this to my car had done a runner :eek::eek::eek: There's no chance on getting it fixed through insurance? Please explain how he did this to your car?
  9. Billo55

    Billo55 Mmm, Floor Pie

    I have no idea how it happened cos i wasn't there. From what people said hes pulled out of a driveway and hit the accelerator rather than the brake and totaled my car :(

    Insurance has written it off.... :(:(
  10. RENZED

    RENZED Girl in the black beast

    Ahh ok, that would have been the first thing I would have asked, actually have you got insurance would be the first..

    Oh, I thought you would just buy another zed with the money from the insurance and then use the parts off this zed? Or wont they let you do that?
  11. Billo55

    Billo55 Mmm, Floor Pie

    That is an option also, yes I'm insured
  12. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier

    sorry to hear that mate.. midnight blue is very rare already. and now my Z lost one brother
  13. blueblood

    blueblood 1Quik Z32

    ohhh Billo sorry to hear that..
  14. tom@pzp

    tom@pzp www.pzp.com.au

    Will has definitely looked after this one well.... It's had the full 100,000km service, full plenum pull with all of the hoses, gaskets, etc and to top it all off, fresh rebuilt heads!

    If anyone wanted a good engine that is going to last a LONG time, this is an absolute bargain.

    Sorry to hear will but Good Luck with the sale!
  15. WLDTTZ


    Keep it man and part it out it might take you a year or so but you can get 6k or so back if you stick to it.

    Is what I would do is wait for a zx with a blown motor and pul all you engine and stuff in there then with the parts left over sell it and you will make you money back on the first purchased z and possibly an extra few grand.
  16. Kabir

    Kabir Well-Known Member

    Agreed if you have time to play. There are few nice Z with blown engine in WA.
  17. Billo55

    Billo55 Mmm, Floor Pie

    Decided to keep the wreck and i will slowly! be pulling it apart and selling parts

    Car will be at a friends so it will be a long process to organise stuff

    Will post up more details at a later date

    Thanks guys
  18. samuraigecko

    samuraigecko New Member

    Im surprised that the seagulls havent landed yet
    "I'll buy this bit and that bit and the wootsamathingie!!!"
  19. Kabir

    Kabir Well-Known Member

    You never know if his inbox is full with PMs. :D
    QUOTE=samuraigecko;952862]Im surprised that the seagulls havent landed yet
    "I'll buy this bit and that bit and the wootsamathingie!!!"
  20. WLDTTZ


    PM sent ;)

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