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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Gunwarm, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Gunwarm

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  2. ugame

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    Looks fairly clean TBH and the mods are mostly reversible if someone wanted to give it a "back to stock" party.

    Remove the 2nd floor wing, and put stock wheels on it, and you're done from what I can see. ....oh and exhaust.

    Put it in the garage under a cover and wait 10 years, and THEN it will probably be worth that price.

    But price wise yes, I think the Ferrari wheels confused them.
  3. Gunwarm

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    :agree: Went and had a good look at it to day,beautiful bit of JDM clean as.
    The exhaust had jap writing on it and is a mean single set up full of snarl .
    Now some where on here not long back some one put up a JDM for sale link in Japan and it looks very much like one on there.
    Yet to ask if they had it imported. :br::zlove::D:rolleyes2:
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    I am surprised at you buddy..... you are normally such the optimist, I dont think it will take any more than 10 years for this to be the price and I can see a clean z32 being worth this even sooner in fact. prices are already starting to climb and while the market is stuffed in general now we have to remember that the newest of these are 17 years old now (looking at a certain member here) and some of us are 10 years older again..... there is only one way for them to go I think from here on.

    I do remember a chart you drew about car values...... and yes IIRC you no longer own a z32 so it must mean prices are about to go up :zlove:
  5. AndyMac

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    A clean zed will be worth $17,762.93 in 10 years time.

    Based on current rates of inflation.
  6. Gunwarm

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    There worth that now if your not so tight :rofl:
  7. ugame

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    I pulled an approximate number out of thin air (10 years).

    I believe they will be collectible. But as I've always argued, the ones that will be worth the most, (as with any collectible car) will be those that are factory stock, either very well restored, or preferably, "preserved".

    It's an interesting one as just when you think there are no mint examples left, you see one on the street, owned by some unknown non-aus300 member. And usually that's why. No dispersion on the group here. It's a great bunch. But often the best cars are owned by people who are not into the scene. They are into the car, often as a mature owner.

    The ones currently fetching (or trying to fetch) a premium are the ones trying to get back the money they've spent on mods over time.

    Sometimes that pays off if we're honest. But not often. And not the market I was referring to.

    Meh, it's all a guessing game.

    In the short term they may actually go DOWN (yes even further) because if the economy is not right for it, no one spends money on toys.

    So many factors. Not just the car itself.
  8. ugame

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  9. stumagoo

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    Pretty much agree with everything you have said here..... I would add that mildly/tastefully modded cars will still command good money eventually. and the only reason I can see a drop from here is if the economy falls even worse and with that all values will drop not just our Z's but overall I think you are spot on
  10. SRB-2NV


    Yeah! That cheap ass lambo owner.....
  11. AndyMac

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    This is happening right now. The upper end of the playing field is still dropping cash on the latest and greatest special editions. The new GT2 RS sold out before it even had final spec, same with the 812 superfast and the Hurracan Performante. But yesterday's hero's aren't selling after the massive appreciation run they had in 2014-16. Based on current asking prices I'd have a 40% appreciation on my garage. Buyers are still paying the asking prices (as sellers aren't budging on price), but it's got to be the right buyer, and they are a lot less numerous than they were a year ago.

    This won't really affect the zed much. It's still cheap enough to splash out on as those who want a bit of modern classic motoring turn to the cheaper end of town. Cars from the 90's era will start to gain a bit of traction where they are still at the ebb of their depreciation / appreciation cycle. Hero cars like the GTR, etc have already had their moment, but there's still plenty of people out there with $20k to spend on a modern classic.

    I'm still a skeptic when it comes to the zed, same with Supra and all the other cars with large tuner followings with little motorsport provenance. (IMSA zed doesn't count, there was nothing really zed about it other than the rear tail lights and block casting). Only because it's an absolute minefield of quality vs garbage, that you'll never actually get an appreciation of what a good example is worth, as ofttimes they've become platforms of self expression rather than quality maintenance.

    On one hand that could give rise to the appreciation of the quality few. Un-tampered mileage, and aside from necessary modifications of aftermarket, yet still keeping to the original function (springs, shocks, water pumps, radiator, etc), stock.

    On the other hand the model could have become so diluted that it's just not considered and does nothing rather than grow with inflation off the current clean example base.
  12. ugame

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    Yep I've noticed a relative flood of Ferrari 360's come to market and unlike only 1.5 years ago when they'd get snapped up, they are now sitting unsold.

    Most start at ~$150K and slowly drop to just over $100K before eventually selling.

    I'd argue the same of the 348.

    The Testarossa is still pie in the sky though.

    Kids leave school end of this year ;)
  13. AndyMac

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    TR's will remain high, like everything that's had it's run recently, unless there's a significant economic shift, like a sell off in the property market. They're bought with cash, and most current owners would have bought in the up-trend so have paid good money for them. They won't entertain selling for less if they don't desperately have to cover property/debt values and as most TR buyers are older, property is vastly paid off, so this won't be too much of a concern unless they lose a tonne on their equity portfolio's.

    360 is a bit of an odd child. Not as good as a 430 or have the rawness of the F355. Like the 996 911, the 993 was raw and fantastic and the 997 was a much better car than the 996.

    Anyway, on F-Cars that were slow to join the manic appreciation curve of the last few years, I'd look at the F355 or the 456 GT, in manual guise. 456 drive train is the same as the 550M, and it's amazing to drive.

  14. ugame

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    I thought we discussed the 456 a while back and you didn't think it was worth looking into.

    One day I look at them and get convinced that one would be awesome.

    The reviews LOVE them.

    The next day I look and am not convinced myself again.

    They are very "affordable" in the UK right now. I was looking into importing. Nothing else is worth it as even the unloved 348 and Modials have stupid price tags equal to the 360.

    And back onto that then, I LOVE the 360 now. I Like the 430 and I like the fact that the 430 has a timing chain, BUT the 360's belts are an engine-in job from behind the seats.

    For pretty much $100K less than a 430, and money IS a factor, I'd take one in a heartbeat with zero regrets.

    For me it will be about ownership, not investment. Any increase over time will just be a bonus IF it occurs.
  15. AndyMac

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    Yeah I remember advising against the 456 as 4-str ferrari's are always unloved, and try as I might, I can't fall for it, but I drove one recently, and it's the same experience as the 550, which is true classic ferrari, for about half the price. So I've changed my mind...

    The 360 is still an amazingly fun thing to steer through the mountains, and wringing it out to 8,000rpm is just eargasmic, and it's not ugly by any standard, and you're right. For 125k, it's the best bang for buck in the f-car lineup by miles. Just get a PPI :rofl:


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