Z32 Windscreen Wiper Removal

Discussion in 'Technical' started by SWH80, May 18, 2022.

  1. SWH80

    SWH80 Member


    How do I disconnect the actuating 'rods' from the wiper motor ?

    Steve ?
  2. NI85

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    Book doesn't seem to show it. I also haven't taken the scuttle trim from around to wipers to properly have a look.
    So the only advice I could give, is to try (if its actually possible) to take the lot out as a complete assembly to look how the rods are connected to the front wiper motor.

    Side note: Thinking about circular motion into lateral motion; the rod can be held to the motor shaft via C-clips
  3. SWH80

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    Thanks N185. Have removed the scuttle trim - rods are interconnected to each other and to the motor shaft by a ball & socket arrangement which is the difficulty - they are impossible to separate from each other. Cannot remove as an assembly as bodywork won't allow that. Thanks for response anyway.

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