Why waste $ programming ECU?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Chev28, Feb 17, 2014.

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    No need to be sarcastic :zlove:

    This is no different to any piggy back computer, only on a much simpler level and only intercepting a single signal. No different to bypassing the knock sensor with a resistor to prevent going into knock mode for example.

    Depending on where this wires in and how the ecu does use the signal it intercepts, there is no reason this wouldn't work, albeit it very crude and possibly risky if you set it to run leaner for more mpg.
  3. Chev28

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    I'm guessing the AFM given the pics and description
  4. Shane001

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    Edit: that said, personally I wouldn't recommend it lol
  5. CHILI

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    But...But...it comes with it's own Mounting Kit....two miniature cable ties(for F***sake).:rolleyes::rofl::br:
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    "The two downsides to this is that your Factory ECM risks corruption if there are any power interruptions or errors within the expensive power programmer, which could require a tow to get your Factory ECM reflashed by your dealership. The second downside is that since those type of products directly interface with your Factory ECM, it will leave a footprint behind in the memory. Many dealerships check the memory for any codes or footprints during routine maintenance, and could void your warranty for using those types of power programmers!"

    F... - now I have to get rid of the nistune chip and replace it with this beastie!:eek:

    More horsepower, torque, top speed and even smoother acceleration besides saving $4,450 on fuel costs!
    Note: They forgot to add how much battery power savings can be had by generating more power with less fuel and keeping voltage levels higher.

  7. Chev28

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    Wouldn't that be offset by the extra fuel to carry the weight of the unit?
  8. CHILI

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    NO! Because your wallet would be lighter after you bought/paid for a tune-up of the new chip.:p:rofl::br:
  9. tassuperkart

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    All Jokes aside.
    This little item would be just the ticket to clean up the slight lean "pulling" my atmo zed has up to midrange without resorting to pricey chipping and whatnot!!!

    I might try one just for shits and giggles.

  10. Chev28

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    Sounds fair enough. Cheap and easy to try.

    Let us know how you go.

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