WA Whoop ass Wednesday September 21st!

Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by Chilledpain, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. Chilledpain

    Chilledpain Z Reaper

    Hey all!

    Drags are re-opening on the 7th September! Figure the 21st Sept is as good a date as any :) Being around 15 weeks out, it also gives people a chance to get their cars ready to race!

    Requirements are:

    Licensed roadworthy car
    Long sleeved shirt
    Long pants
    Covered shoes
    Approved race helmet (see the kwinana motorplex site for further details if needed)

    Don't be concerned if you think your car is slow, because I'm sure Ross will be there with the convertible... (surely your zed will beat his!) :p

    Competitor entry opens at 5.00 and it goes till about 9 or 9.30 then the burn-outs start!

    The cost per competitor is $45 (car and driver). Spectators are $15
    (adult) or $8 (kids over 8 or concession)

    Please add your name to the list if you plan to attend! Hopefully cyas all there!

    1. Chilledpain - Z32 TT Auto
  2. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    up yours jamie....thats just unkind:(:p

    i might make it, ill have to book time of work though...ill try.........
  3. Chilledpain

    Chilledpain Z Reaper

    ahaha jus kidding m8 :) I'm sure there are slower zeds out there... I just haven't seen one yet :rofl::rofl::rofl: Love u man :zlove:
  4. Brock32

    Brock32 Active Member

    I'm IN!!
    1. Chilledpain - Z32 TT Auto
    2. Brock 32 - Z32 TT Auto
  5. Brock32

    Brock32 Active Member

    Fastest hair cut at the drags!!
  6. michandy

    michandy Active Member

    me too

    might even see Brock in front of me for a change :p
    1. Chilledpain - Z32 TT Auto
    2. Brock 32 - Z32 TT Auto
    3. michandy - z33 NA Man
    Just kidding mate :) just want to see what the 350 will do :zlove:
  7. Chilledpain

    Chilledpain Z Reaper

    lmao! :rofl:

    Let the trash talking begin! :D :br:
  8. Altari

    Altari '89 2+2 TT Manual

    1. Chilledpain - Z32 TT Auto
    2. Brock 32 - Z32 TT Auto
    3. michandy - z33 NA Man
    4. Altari - z32 TT Man

    I'm in! :)
  9. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    ill probly be in sydney, if not ill be there
  10. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    hmm... wonder which engine ill be running at that time.... i MAY be in if i have an engine installed
  11. lysergic

    lysergic PWRTRIP

    Pretty certain ill be up for this. Doing a transmission transplant at the moment but should be well and truly ready by september!
  12. michandy

    michandy Active Member

    Oh no

    What have you done?
  13. gargoyle

    gargoyle New Member

    I might even have my new monster in by then, either way I'm in.
    Should I bring the laser down too? Give Ross something to belt up.:D
    Speaking of hair cuts, at least it won't be stinking hot this time mate.
  14. Z32 TT

    Z32 TT Active Member

    i will come to this and will have my twin screamers annoying everyone :D
  15. lysergic

    lysergic PWRTRIP

    Nothing really, just changing from the 700r4 to the 4L65E as I cant get the TV cable to work properly off the drive by wire pedal. So getting the electronic version of the box with a standalone transmission controller and a billet 4400 stall while im at it :)
  16. michandy

    michandy Active Member


    So not too much then ;).
  17. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    looks like i wont be able to come, ill be in Singapore at that time.... bugger
  18. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

    Would love to come along that night but will be in Vietnam soaking up the local culture/beer ;)

  19. NissZed90

    NissZed90 New Member

    4.Nisszed90 - Vitto, hopefully not on shift yet
  20. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    still happening guys?
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