When did you fall in love with the Nissan 300zx and why??

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by cru1sr, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. cru1sr

    cru1sr Bayside Hustla

    Well????? Did it work? Did you get 2 hot blondes???
  2. rojoloco

    rojoloco fairladyz32.com

    I had just gotten stationed in Japan and knew nothing about cars. I saw a red car that looked killer and had no idea what it was. I walked up to it and saw the for sale sign in the window advertising it at $3,200. I saw it said Twin Turbo so I assumed that meant it was a fast car. I called the guy and talked him down to $2,900. I officially owned a '92 TT 2+2. From there, EVERYTHING kept breaking. It was either pay Japanese mechanics outrageous prices or learn how to do it myself. That was when I found tt.net. Between that and my friend, I began to learn. Oddly enough, I came to love my car by it breaking on me every single week and forcing me to go to the auto hobby shop on the Navy base.

    It went from looking LIKE THIS to looking LIKE THIS.

    The video of it getting crushed at the yard can be DOWNLOADED or streamed on YOUTUBE.

    Now I am back in the states on my 2nd Z. It's been down for over a year now as I have been slowly rebuilding the motor. I'm looking forward to driving it again and getting back that feeling that first pulled me in.
  3. cru1sr

    cru1sr Bayside Hustla

    More awesome stories!

    I drove mine down Eastlink / Frankston freeway yesterday to visit a client. Heavy rain and wind. Cold. I had a big smile on my face. The heater was pumping, stereo turned off so I could hear the engine, boost control turned down so I don't suddenly loose traction in the wet. 30km of pure driving pleasure. It just eats up the km's.
  4. mr zed x

    mr zed x chassis scrubbin..

    no.. sadly i got engaged to a brunette at 20.

    how low blows.
  5. skidMarkNZ

    skidMarkNZ Custom User Title

    Sorry it's just everytime i see a post from you your bumper offends my eyes.
  6. cru1sr

    cru1sr Bayside Hustla

    That's not too bad mate. I got engaged at 24.
  7. p5yk3r

    p5yk3r el8 haqur

    September 2000, used to see a red one near the Shelly foreshore and i'd always thought it was a lambo, spotted a few more in traffic with the "fairlady" badge and at that point worked out it was a nissan, though i'd wanted one since then my dream car had always been a 240z. Came across mine in a car yard when I had no money and was looking for a crappy prelude or something, i just had to have it now she sits waiting for new parts cummon the holidays!
  8. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    it offends your eyes coz u dont have good taste i know. Off you go child.
  9. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    yeah and then...

    you got rid of it........ twice ......:eek::eek::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

  10. ichizora

    ichizora Loud

    I nearly got engaged at 19..lol:eek:
  11. cru1sr

    cru1sr Bayside Hustla

    Hey Ill,

    I hope the car is all you want it to me. Everyone who owns one knows what they're capable of in terms of performance, getting attention and putting a smile on your face.
  12. rishwin

    rishwin Mother F├╝hrer

    Haha a mate of mine is 23, has been engaged 3 times, twice to the same person... :rofl:
  13. SWH80

    SWH80 Member

    I Really Enjoyed this thread.. I have wanted one of these beautiful cars since about 1994, Not only are they beautiful to look at, they have performance potential as well with the Twin Turbo. I purchased a damaged 1993 2+0 TT from Fowles Auction group (probably not a wise move but had to have it), on a bloody hot day 6 years ago purchased for $4350. I must give credit to Wally Muir owner of P&M Motors @ Capalaba for sorting out the damage. I am gradually doing it up still a long way to go, I have never really driven it - I will die with it / never sell it. One day my dream will be realised, I really hope my dad gets to drive it, it should have been finished ages ago. As I have said before I was lucky to go for a ride in fleet's car when it was still on the road, that car in good form provides fantastic inspiration. I have always liked Renee's car as well.

  14. dydy

    dydy mr ed

    that crushing is sad... I never though I would get emotional about a car being crushed. but thats memories right there..
    I fell in love with the z at age 33. Got to drive my sisters 93tt. car just feels like it is made for winding country roads with all the scenery. so easy to control the speed, but you feel the potential energy just waiting to respond when you need.
    I hope to have mine on the road soon. will be a great moment in life. I plan a trip down the east coast when run in.

    Cheers Eddy
  15. dydy

    dydy mr ed

    Keep at it steve. cant wait to see it. this thread is inspiring me thats for sure.

    cheers Eddy
  16. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    Says the guy about to sell his Z himself.....

  17. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    yeah but....

    selling AND BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE so I can still enjoy zedding with the kid/s....

  18. red32

    red32 You talkin' to me?

    I'd always been a big fan of the Z-cars from the 240 onwards, but with single poverty and then married poverty, I'd never been able to afford one. And once the kids came along, it always had to be sensible family cars.

    And then my son Tim (Baroo) bought his first car - a black 1984 Z31 300Z. Even though it turned out to be a piece of poo (hidden rust, ignition problems related to the S1 control unit) I fell in love with the concept of Targa roofs. As a bonus, it had one of the best exhaust notes I've ever heard on a road legal car. He finally bit the bullet and bought himself a decent car - a 1989 Z32, Pearl white TT with full Veilside treatment (each to their own) - the most exciting car I'd driven to that point. This showed me that the things were eminently affordable.

    Then nine years ago, I resigned my full-time employment and went part-time (same employer). With the payout, I paid off the mortgage, and, still cashed up, started looking for a Zed of my very own while I was still young enough and agile enough to get in and out of one. Then one day I got home from work and the wife showed me an ad in the local paper, so with this implied permission I went and looked at it, test drove it, and bought it the next day. The result was what has become known as DREDZ, a 1990 Aus-spec NA 2+2.
    I love my Zed!
  19. DotDotDot

    DotDotDot Member

    I'm still a noob in the Z field, but since i recently bought it i might aswell pitch in, I first fell for the 350z after seeing it in the Need for Speed Underground when i was 12, after that i started digging around to find anything I could about the car, and I came across a random picture of this car that just captivated me, the 300zx :D.

    Ive been obsessing about the beast for 6 years, and now finally being 18, I bought the damn car and I haven't looked back.
  20. stumagoo

    stumagoo Active Member

    in the early 80's our neighbour had his pristine 770 charger stolen which he replaced with a 280Z I was about 10 and that was absolute sex on wheels for me (I also love the charger ironiclly) when I turned 20 1 of my mates had a s1 rx7 and I was looking at an upgrade from my old datto and there she was a stunning 280z in black. once we lowered it it went like a dream (damn those trailing arm IRS) from there all cars Z were gorgeous to me. A close friend inherited lots of money and bought a NA z32 which I wasnt so takien on seemed all show no go until little brother turns up at my work with a total POS TT thatg was onsale at Auto Auctioneers hamilton (yep I am a Waikato boy) that had had the boost wound up to 16 psi he was taking it for a test drive (no intention of buying it) and that was it 10 years later and my buddy and neighbour is talking about getting rid of his project - he's lost the ambition and its got an unknown engine (curtesy of awgazm) sitting in the bay not connected to anything and he has forgotten where nearly everything goes.

    Talks to the wife I do ignores everyone else (we have 3 kids a ma70 supra and a fireblade at this point WTF are we thinking of another sports car for) I said to my wife if the price is cheap enough can I ... can I ...... Can I!!!! I apporoach my buddy and ask what he is selling it for, (nowhere near what the wife and I aggreed on) and I went back to looking at respectable family vehicles. 2 monmths later my buddy comes over and says would I be interested in paying ..... I said hell yeah the same price my wife and I agreed on earlier as our limit.

    $2500 later I own a Z with an engine that we were taking on faith goes, 2 sets of skyline rims with tyres that are really 2 small for the Z a spare engine (with a melted piston and scored bore, and a second set of spare heads plenum etc.

    30 odd hours of swearing and knuckle dusting and she fires up. the problems didnt end there but runing stock boost I took it for a spin (and on the skyline rims with 215's it really is a spin) and I have never looked back.

    My ZX has a dodgy Failside kit (which in essence I actually quite like) and needs a Huge amount of work but it owes me less than 3 grand has made 2 trouble free runs to perth this last 6 months clocked over 5000kms in the same time and I do not regret a bit of it.

    as the work turns from getting it on the road to preventitive maintanance its getting better and better.

    So now we have

    3 kids a MA70 supra (aero top) a 2002 fireblade and a 1990 tt 2+2 Z targa

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