When did you fall in love with the Nissan 300zx and why??

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by cru1sr, Oct 15, 2010.

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    jealousy goes a long way brown skid mark of the forum
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    Why would i be jealous of that???

    I really struggle to see why i would be jealous, its something i don't have... and don't want.

    You could top it off with some Failside sideskirts...

    be heaps sick bro.
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    ye heaps sick ey little bro :D

    only taking the puss(lol)

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    you are jealous coz its not failside as you are a failside lover are u not brown skid mark of the forum
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    HA, i laughed audible to my entire neighborhood. You 2 are like an old married couple, let the good times roll.
  7. parker

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    1993 for me

    There was a White one at Melb motorshow and I sat in it at 12yrs old and thought that one day I will own one of these. Dad encouraged it :) Anyway When I joined the airforce in 2000 and had a little bit of money I test drove a silver auto tt on Parramatta RD and since I was only 19 The dealer insisted he come with me so dad had to stay behind. Well coming off a side street and back onto parra rd I nailed the thing and it took about point squat all of a second to go back a gear light the tires and step out so quickly the salesman was trying to grab anything he could to hold on (very funny) He quickly told me to take it straight back to the yard and that "YOU WILL BUY" I told him nice car but you want too much (and it was badly maintained). I just wanted to feel what the turbo went like.

    So in 2003 I finally got the money together and went on the hunt. Got the machine I wanted, with not too many things wrong but nowhere near perfect. Red exterior black leather int, manual TT and BOV's (yeah idiot I know) They seemed awesome back then. And still got her now. And I will die with it. So someone else can enjoy her for free :)
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    nah hes just pathetic and needs to ruin every thread he posts in with his choice brew antics.
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    I did'nt even know they existed until the wife found one in a car yard and told me that was the car she wanted, I bought it for her and after about 12 months she got sick of young blokes in Skylines wanting to drag her off from the lights, she gave it to me and the rest is history :zlove:
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    I didnt know anything about them actually, similar to rollin. I was actually looking for a worked VP commodore at the time :rolleyes:

    A few guys who i worked with were big import fans and showed me the j-spec and prestige motorsport websites when the 15year rule was going hard. They go "why dont you get one of these" meaning the 300zx. I was shocked. I remember seeing them in unique car mag for crazy dollars and just thought they were still expensive and way out of reach. After realising I could afford one I got in touch with Ben (Blipman) who brought over my current car from Japan :zlove::zlove:

    Then the real fun began..
  11. Stef

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    It was a pretty slow process for me.

    I wanted a convertible of some sorts. Looking at was within budget I found that the Z31 with the targa tops was a possibility. Not quite a convertible, but close enough.

    I ended up buying a red manual '84 Z31. It was great fun to drive but the engine soon developed strange problems. Eventually traced back to bent valves. Got that fixed at a cost but a couple of months later they bent themselves again. Huge exhaust pops on the overrun and running very rich.

    One very hot day I went past Parramatta Road on the way back to work from visiting a client and traded it in for a 280ZX. Much better looking car, and SOO easy to work on. If it hadn't been for the rust, I would still have been driving it. Not much go, but a very nice car to drive and live with.

    I then needed a replacement, and I came up with a Z32 or a Soarer V8. Ideally I wanted a Z32 convertible, but they were rare as hens teeth.

    I looked for a while and ended up buying a Soarer V8. This seemed like the safe choice, the Z32 having a reputation for being unreliable and costing a fortune to maintain. The Soarer is a fantastic car. Soo smooth, almost like the Jag SIII and one of the best engines around. Great car for daily use

    For some reason I kept looking for zed's and suddenly there was this convertible on Parramatta Road, just a few k's from work. I went to have a look. Paint was good, soft top and interior were crap. Driving it, the suspension was dead. But the engine was sweet and the rest seemed OK. So there was love, and I bought it, even though I was telling myself 'don't be stupid, go and buy an MX5 instead'

    Best car I've ever bought. Most faults were cosmetic and fairly cheap to fix. Never had any serious problems. We have had so much fun in and with this car. So much fun that I decided to get another zed as a daily driver when I got sick of the Soarer (it is a bit soft and boring) So then I got the TT to drive to from work and it has been going like clockwork for 2 years to the day now.
  12. WA300Z

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    I was more of a GTR fan when i was young, i also really liked the 180sx. I was looking for a first car and i saw a 300zx for 8k. I really liked the look of it, more so than the 180sx. So I bought it. I didn't really know anything about them but I quickly learned. Finding this forum around 4 years ago helped me like me car even more. I think it was the car cruises back then, and the very enthusiastic members. I like the car more now than when I bought it. Sometimes the money involved to keep it going turns me off. But then I just look at it, and drive it and none of that matters
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    I hate failside and i have cool friends who would take my car to the street burn it and put me in a mental institution for my own good if i ever put it on my car and i would thank them late...

    and wow, u finally got the joke behind my username, don't know why you asre trying to use a self made insult on me though, last week it was sheep jokes, i'm not sure if you're not very creative or just plain retarded.
  14. MoulaZX

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    It was 1992, I was 5 years old. Family friend had just bought a brand new '92 Aus Spec, we were visiting their place up in the mountains. Minute I saw that gorgeous brand f'in new Zed sitting in the driveway with that gorgeous backdrop, was instantly hooked. Spent the next few years addicted to cars and would constantly draw pictures of Zeds. Then when I was about 15, one of my cousins bought a '90 2+0 TT then worked its nuts off, putting out 380rwkw. I was beyond hooked at this stage. Was almost in tears the day he sold it and extremely angry to hear later the new owner had f*cked it up within a week of owning it.

    I was sitting one night at work, on night shift with another cousin (brother to the one that had the Zed) and said 'thats it, I want one, I'm tired of this waiting crap!'. My cousin just laughed and told me thats what I always say. I said this time was different, got on carsales.com that night, found one a Charcoal Grey one in Melbourne for 8K when most around Sydney were 13-15K (to this day WISH I held on and bought a Red one :(), made contact with the seller, flew down for the day to check it out and I liked it. Got the loan approved from the bank, flew down few weeks later with my dad, he inspected it (hes a mechanic) he approved, handed over the cash and made the 900km+ drive back to Sydney. She was my 21st birthday present to myself, been in love with her since. :zlove:

  15. mr zed x

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    saw 2 hot blondes in one, decided i want hot blondes in my car, so obvious choice was obvious.

    but come on, big eyes, and a fat ass.
    whats not to love on the z32
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    December 1994, I remember specifically, as I had just moved to Townsville from Victoria, and I was waiting for my Datsun 240K (always Nissan) to arrive, so car-less, I caught a taxi into the city to check it out...I was walking along past a Nissan dealership and saw something that spun me out...at first glance, I thought it was a Ferrari...I had to go in and have a look...
    Being a younger bloke, the salesman swooped on me as I salivated over this fantastic car and he could see I was clearly smitten...I can't remember what the asking cost was, but imagine gawking at Jennifer Hawkins doing a private strip for you and then you are drenched in ice water...it was way outside my price range...was pretty povo at the time...

    But no doubt about it, the infatuation started on that day, and now, some 15 years later, I finally own one, albeit, I still haven't driven it, let alone see it in the flesh...
    Yep...I am a 300ZX virgin...never driven one...and just like a 16 year old schoolboy about to hook up for the first time, I have no idea what it's gonna feel like, but I know it's gonna be awesome!!!

    Cannot wait to bust my 300ZX cherry :)
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    dude u fail at cracking jokes, so stop trying. You want to ruin every thread you post in just for ure stupid amusement, get a life you pathetic idiot.
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    Actually its because you give me so much shit about being a kiwi and it ****s me off, your comments are neither witty nor clever just the same shit every aussie says, and it's getting old really fast.
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    I wasn't making a joke.... :confused:

    I guess you wouldn't understand...

    Hmmm i dunno if the above implied humour is worth putting, you seem to be one i'd have to explain it to with pretty pictures of unicorns and RTD's.

    No joke. :D
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    you fail to realise that i only give you shit when you give me some, so open your eyes you pathetic bogan and learn to read.

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