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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Blipman, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    [image]http://yoyo.its.monash.edu.au/~blipman/trash/cock.jpg[/image]While browsing, had to save it :)Ben
  2. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    I see you had Kazaa open ben.....

    you werent downloading dirty movies by any chance were you????..:) That Telstra 3 gig download limit is a killer, trust me, I know..:)CheersJEDI-77
  3. BlueRaven

    BlueRaven Guest

    you should grab a copy of kazaa lite :) (n/m)

  4. Tw|STeD

    Tw|STeD New Member

    word COCK? (n/m)

  5. Z-ster

    Z-ster Active Member

    Yes could explain the popup ads Ben reported

    I know for a fact that Kazaa is loaded with spyware programs, best to use Kazaa lite
  6. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    The gay Windows Theme thing your using?

    LOL had to say it! :p
  7. Z32

    Z32 New Member

    Looks like you have done some creative

    editing to add the Bigpond Home page services section to the Telstra Homepage. I am not sure though about the COCK service area you have checked ADSL availability for, Thats a bit of a worry. .
  8. _BoB_

    _BoB_ New Member

    I still get popups, no Kazaa... :|
  9. chickenbum

    chickenbum New Member

    cock and telstra on the same page....

    id beleive it...my 3gb limit hasnt been dented lately, guess im getting old :( (23) and btw that looks like kazaa lite to me
  10. Audiobuzz

    Audiobuzz The Ghost Of AB

    Then get ad-aware (n/m)

  11. shadows

    shadows New Member

    love the time out on the adsl page)))))) (n/m)

  12. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    HEY SHADOW, did you ever make it>

    back to P&M's and the garbage bin?? :D :D :D Cheers mate
    ;) ;) ;)
  13. PHATZX

    PHATZX New Member

    Thats Ben favourite thing:p:-0 (n/m)

  14. Zmokin

    Zmokin Agro


    Maybe for a adsl page although you were trying to order it therefor Im guessing (so is telstra) you are on dialupAnt

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