Z32 What is the difference between TT cylinder heads 40P-1L and 40P-2L

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Martin Williams, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    As the the title. What is the actual difference between Twin Turbo cylinder heads 40P-1L and 40P-2L. I know Series 2 engine heads were 48P. Can you mix 1L and 2L.
  2. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    I've seen heads with casting number suffixes of 1L, 2L & even 2R and I have no idea what they signify. I'm pretty sure the 2L & 2R were 30P or 10Y heads (NA) so I always assumed the 1L was 40P or 48P (TT) ....... but you've just tipped that theory on its head :(

    It's hard to imagine that even Nissan would go to the trouble of changing a casting number unless there was an alteration of some sort :rolleyes:
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  3. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    I've had all the casting suffixes but always both L & R heads were the same on engines I've had or worked on. Its just someone I know had a 1L and a 2R fitted to same engine both 40P. I was just curious. Thanks for your reply

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