What HP compressor is needed

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Blipman, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    to run the usual rattle gun and anything else I might have a need for? What are the attatchments I'll probably find most useful?Ben
  2. chewy

    chewy Active Member

    you'll need a 15 amp power point

    to run the decent compressors to use a die grinder for any length of time. Get something that will be able to keep the tank full without running the motor all the time like a 200L 2.5HP compressor.
  3. Bollie7

    Bollie7 New Member

    Look at the air consumption

    of the tool. Most air tools will use around 20-30cfm (560-850 litres/min) Ideally you want a compressor that can hold that volume of air with out you having to wait for it to build up in the receiver. Having said that how often do you want to use the impact wrench? If its only now and then on w/ends you can afford the time for the compressor to build up some air. You should look at something with at least a 50litre capacity receiver. I have a comp that is around 10cfm (280 l) but it has a receiver around 100 litres. It will run a die grinder for a couple of minutes before the pump cuts back in. Provided I let the pressure build up to near the cut out and then start using the grinder I can get about 5 minutes before I have to stop and wait. 5 minutes with a die grinder in one burst is a lot of grinding though.
    What it comes down to is the amount of money you can affort to spend. Like any too, you get what you pay for. Shop around and do some research. I wouldn't buy a direct couples motor/compressor unit though. This could limit you for future repairs. With a belt driven type you can always swap motors and pumps for different ones later in its life if needed.
    Hope this helps
    Peter Marr
  4. Dan

    Dan New Member


    Take a look at the tools you are looking at getting. There are rattle guns and then RATTLE GUNS.My setup cost me ~ $1000 most of that is in the compressor. It is a belt driven cast V compressor. Can't remember the tank size but I specifically told the guys at the tool shops what I wanted to use it for. Basically mine is the middle range good for home or small workshop. There is a bit of a jump in price once you go to a certain level of compressor and I took the jump. I was also told to go for Italian made by a number of people.I bought a cheep but reasonable quality TRAX starter tool kit with a 1/2" 4 setting rattle gun with impact sockets (DON'T use normal sockets) and a air ratchet. I got plenty of hose, fittings, filter dryer, oil etc.. thrown in also.Don't bother with bunnings if you are serious. Go to a tool speciality shop like All tools, Total Tools etc.. and they will have all the gear and a full range of air tools from die grinders, shears, nailers, nibblers, brake bleaders (a must for the Blip :)) greese guns ... Good quality tools are quite cheep once you get over the initail over-head.If you are down my way I'll show you my setup.Cheers,Danny
  5. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    12cfm will see you right

    with MOST rattle guns, and Bollie and Dan are both right, it's really the cfm that matters, the compressor will come with the right HP to crank out the cfm it is rated at.
    12cfm will also run spray guns ect, just get a GOOD regulator and water/ait separator as this makes all the difference Blippy:)
  6. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work


    that's well over double what I wanted to be paying. Thanks for the info lads.Ben
  7. Dan

    Dan New Member

    tank size is also important

    Maybe I didn't mention but with high flow tools you will want a decent tank size other wise your compressor will run all the time.
  8. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Yup, agreed (n/m)


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