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    TLDR: looking at long term options, 1-2yrs, what are my options for swaps, im looking for what would be best bang for buck, ive researched ls, rb26 and vg30dett swaps, everyone makes the ls look like a pretty straight forward swap in terms of engine swaps, is it? what are other engine options, i know i could just buy another car, but i like mine and im willing to spend and extra dollar to have something a little more unique and i enjoy the project, my problem with the vg30dett is it still looks like shit to work on, heaps of long term issues, unreliable and shit on fuel compared to other options.

    Ive been researching ever since i picked up my na z32 and took it to get the down pipes repaired and the shop said the down pipes are far too gone to be repaired and said the obvious options of used replacement, new close to stock replacement or go for a full custom exhaust however not being new to cars at all they have been my whole childhood and i have 2-3yrs of automotive experience under my belt its still my first car and i was pretty blinded by it and was going to empty my bank account into it without a second thought, however the mechanic brought me back down to earth and sent me home with some homework to do, 3 months later, lots of homework and keeping other maintenance up to date Ive now gotten pretty much everything else out of the way and the exhaust has come back up to the top in priority, after looking at all my options and having a yr or so left on my P's im going to go ahead and get a custom exhaust put in, 2.25' stainless steal pipes with a new high flow cat from base of the headers back to the mufflers as changing the headers takes it from easy to a pain and no point in changing the mufflers as it all ready has fujitsubo mufflers, as i believe even if i have to rip it out due to future plans for me it would of been worth it for the yr or so ill have it installed and i can try sell it off as well.

    now my question that this all leads to, after lots of research and many hours working on the engine to get it in some kind of shape that im happy with i have come to the finding that man its a pain in the ass to work on, i know mr sherlock over here, im pretty happy with the vg30de tho, I rather enjoy its drive, im fine with the fuel consumption i drive it because i enjoy it so i rather spend my money on fuel than booze, the power is okay im satisfied with it as a first car and on P's, but its at a point where i need to make a huge decision, does it stay or does it go, its a pain in the ass to work on, its not fuel efficient for what it is which isnt a problem but if it can be better than its still a negative, and there isnt much that can be done thats worth while to gain power, the first option which most people will chuck is stick with it and sell it later when you have fulls for a tt, which is valid and honestly a strong option but im to emotional and im already attached plus its in very good shape inside and as i said its already stolen my heart. so my options would be:

    1-deal with it and stick with the vg30de and try squeeze some power out of it, maybe low boost turbo

    2-swap to a vg30dett

    3-ls swap


    5- other engine

    my reasoning for each option is that the na is good and with mods im looking at 200-250hp which is a lil low for me as im hoping for atleast 280-300hp, the tt is a decent option but still has the issue of hard to work on and terrible for fuel, but whats the experience in swapping one in ls swap although expensive seems doable, but is it more or less than an rb26 swap and what would other options be
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    Are we there yet?
    If you plan to do an engine swap yourself, then you need good engineering skills, mechanical and electrical capability.
    Do you have the tools and workshop at home? Can you perform all the electrical / electronic mods to adapt a different engine. The shopping list of parts for a conversion is a long one and costly, especially if you can't do the work yourself.
    If I were to do it again, I would go LSA.
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    Hey mate,

    Z's deffinently get you hooked once you get one.
    I've got two of them atm .. a twin turbo manual with a few mods nice car to drive.
    Also have a fresh build 2+2 with a ls1 conversion I did.
    Not as hard as you would think. Castle main rod shop do a engine mount and gear box crossmember kit. All fits pretty good and obviously a few other bits needed along the way.

    Both cars have their perks... really it depends if you would rather a boosted car or aspirated..
    A ls conversion is way cheap then a rb26 conversion and fits better in my opinion.

    The standard vg30 does go quiet well.. set of extractors exhaust and maybe a diff ratio swap will change how it goes...
    But what's your goal... to have a nice driver... cruise.... or go fast... boosted ... lumpy v8.. or something different...

    Worn out you intended purpose for your car and build it around thank..

    Happy modding mate

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    If you are confident that your NA motor is up to it then the a low cost option is low boost turbos. (7psi) no need for intercoolers. You will be able to pick up all necessary bits real easy as lots of us have upgraded our VG30 detts. Do it before you get exhaust done on your NA as you would be aware it all changes. Stick in a stock set of TT injectors (370cc) make the changes on ECU. and your done.
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