Wanting Z31 Zenki Coilover and Wheel fitment advice

Discussion in 'Technical' started by NOL499, Jul 14, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    Last week i bought a nice and straight 86 Zenki Z31 Manual turbo.
    I'm wanting to get a nice camber'd out stance on it without getting too much illegal poke.
    What is the best option for coil overs and what size wheels or brands generally give that nice stance look?
    I'm looking at gold Mesh BBS styled dished wheels but just want to make sure they fit and not hang out side of the guards as i don't want to ad flares or touch the guards, i'l max camber them out to get the top of the wheel inline with the guards hence why wanting fully adjustable's.

    Iv attached a pic of the stance that i'm after.
    Thanks for any advice guys, coming from an S15 which iv recently sold to a Z31 and inlove!


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  3. NI85

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    You have to cut and weld as there is nothing that plug and play.

    I have a S13 custom conversion how-to I pulled off the net ages ago.

    I can't remember the source to see if the site is still active. So If you PM your email. I can send you the document which has pictures in it (1.7Mb)

    Also I have a document (2.3Mb) that shows how to modify rear suspension to add camber adjustment
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    Yes plz
    Thank you
  5. NI85

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    Just emailed you 3 docs actually. Had one that did use S13 front knuckles.

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