WA TT, auto, 2+2 Very urgent sale

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by rovlive, May 23, 2014.

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  1. Bullus

    Bullus New Member

    luckily i have 2 front bars on the Z on my front lawn to choose from, just waiting on results of rac check now and i will be buying this, watch for story of driver cooked in his Z driving across the nullabor (almost tempted to take some stock rear lights across with me or organise to buy some over there so i can swap before driving home)
  2. dedzed

    dedzed Member

    good to see someone interested in the car,
    would you not transport it back to save the hassles if any on the way back.
  3. Bullus

    Bullus New Member

    probably will end up doing that now just due to time constraints, initially was hoping to get it done before end of my holidays on the 12th, but as rac check is not until the 10th i believe this changes things a bit

    but was hoping to check out perth and meet up with some of you WA guys, haven't been to WA since scout jamboree like about 20 years ago
  4. dedzed

    dedzed Member

    rac checks aren't all there cracked up to be.
    they can get it wrong and take no responsibility for that.

    so if you like the car and you should take a wa member with you instead and throw a carton their way.

    may still leave you time to drive home.

    as for scout jamborees ... i think mine are more like 30 plus years ago
  5. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    dedzed is on the money, better off to ask a forum member
  6. Bullus

    Bullus New Member

    pm'd a mod from WA first to ask about WA members who may be able to do that for me before i paid for rac check (and asking if ya had rac checks, would be racv over here :p), and got reply
    "Hey mate, I know rov personally and the car was honest last time I saw it. The mods aren't to everyone's taste, but the overall condition is typical for age or slightly better.
    We do have RAC and I'd recommend getting it checked prior to buying."

    figured that was bout best i was gonna get being in Victoria :) but yeah more than happy to chuck people a slab or some cash to do a check for me ontop of the other checks, if it could be arranged
  7. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    RAC can check it out, but as mentioned, they don't always get it right. There are members here in Perth that have the knowledge to do a full check for you, but I'm not aware if anyone is offering that service at the moment.
    If you wanted too, you could put up a wanted post chasing someone from the club to once over the car for you.
  8. Bullus

    Bullus New Member

    yeah with having being burnt on my first Z so bad by a random mechanic and then Brytech trying to be as cautious as possible, if someone wants to put up their hand and quote a price i pay over the internetz (lol can't find slot to send carton) that would be great, and will talk to rovlive and possibly set up a wanted ad to get someone to look at it at times that fit with him.
  9. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    The name that springs to mind is Chris, ezupturbo.
  10. Vader

    Vader Just another guy

    EzzupTurbo (2 z's in his name)
  11. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier

    Sorry guys, been working too much and not time for Z right now.

    As some of you know I bought a GYM!! 24/7 Power Fitness airport"



    RAC inspection has been done now

    Nothing really major just few things

    1. Speed , oil pressure gauge doesn't work. Any one got another cluster for sale? Last time I looked into this its was a speed sensor.

    2. Engine lacks power. What that hell that means?

    3. Need new battery . no surprise here haven't been driving her due to the new business.

    If any one got a cluster with working gauges for sale which will fit 1990 Z32, 2+2 Jap please call or email me as I am not here that much now.


    Some ask for engine picture
  12. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier

    Massive price dropped

    car overheated finally for the first time in 6-7 years since i owned it, car is cranking but not turning over. I don't know what's wrong and to be honest i don't want to know. I just need it gone ASAP.

    take it quick before my rego runs out in a months time.
  13. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier

  14. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier

    Last price drop $2500

    last prize drop still has the rego for another month
  15. GarlicSteaks

    GarlicSteaks Pulsating Member

  16. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier

    wrecked it and sold for parts.

    only few parts are left. Have another thread open for it
  17. rovlive

    rovlive Zexier


    Please delete this

    car is now sold
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